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Business plan vision statement

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Anne Sexton’s “Her Kind”: An Argumentative Analysis. Anne Sexton’s “Her Kind”: An Argumentative Analysis. Anne Sexton’s poem entitled “Her Kind” is a depiction of a woman’s life in the wild. The narrator illustrated the life of the woman into the arms of day and plan vision night. This poem has no representation of other characters but only the woman who seemed to be main character of the verse. The narrator also discussed in the poem how the main character perceived life into a greater aspect. What the brainstorming narrator is business plan vision statement trying to impose in the poem is that the main character was not the same as what other people think against her.

While the society perceived the woman as ‘evil’ and apa style dissertation senseless, the narrator looked at her sensible and a woman with full of life. From this case, the purpose of this paper is to business, discuss the elements, literary images, languages, and thoughts that emerged in the whole poem to justify the the claim of the author – her kind is unique. Need essay sample on Anne Sexton’s “Her Kind”: An Argumentative Analysis ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for critical annotated apa, only $12.90/page. “I have gone out, a possessed witch / haunting the black air, braver at night; / dreaming evil, I have done my hitch / over the plain houses, light by light: / lonely thing, twelve-fingered, out of plan, mind. / A woman like that is brainstorming not a woman, quite. Statement? / I have been her kind. (1-7)” In this first part of the poem, the narrator started to analyze the character of the persona. He wanted to illustrate how the woman works for her own life. Brainstorming? In this part of the poem also stated the negativities that exists within her through the eyes of many but at the end of the stanza, the narrator stated that she has been part of business vision, her. The language in this stanza showed envy and fear of the apa style references unpublished dissertation narrator against the persona. The author used dark words such as evil and night to justify the thought of power in beneath the dak side of life.

It is also a manifestation of the business statement ways on how people treated the persona towards her lifestyle and actions. According to Diane Wood Middlerbrook, “No matter what poetry she had on an evening#8217;s agenda, Sexton offered this persona as a point of power, entry to her art. #8220;I#8221; in the poem is a disturbing, marginal female whose power is associated with disfigurement, sexuality, and magic. But at the end of each stanza, #8220;I#8221; is displaced from sufferer onto storyteller (Middlerbrook).” Middlerbrook perceived that in the beginning of the business plan poem, the persona is part of the physical and mental oppressions but at the end of the verse, from being a sufferer, the persona became the source of power and critical annotated apa strength. It was seen in the poem that the development of the character changes in time. As the verse progresses, the persona also elevated its self into the lighter path of realism. “I have found the warm caves in the woods, / filled them with skillets, carvings, shelves, / closets, silks, innumerable goods; / fixed the suppers for the worms and the elves: / whining, rearranging the business disalign. / A woman like that is misunderstood. / I have been her kind. (8-14)” In this part of the poem, attachment or connection between the character and the narrator was already built. Despite of characterizing the character as negative into the eyes of other people, the narrator still build her own creation of beauty onto the character of the persona. The irony of beauty and power essay cruelty started to emerge in this stanza where sensitivity and indifference exists such as the concepts of hardness and softness – silks and closets, worms and elves, and other images. The language of the narrator in this part is more on the intimate words because the business vision attachment between her and the persona shows unity and oneness. It means that there are manifestations that the persona and the narrator is one person. Brainstorming? “With the lines #8220;A woman like that #8230; I have been her kind#8221; Sexton conveys the terms on which she wishes to be understood: not victim, but witness and witch (Middlebrook).” Sexton used different images and literary elements to illsutrate the difference of statement, negativity and enthusiasm. She differentiate this two concept into writing podcasts different phases of the poem. Because the character and business statement the narrator has one persona, Middlebrook stated that from being part of the oppressive society, she became more powerful and uncontrollabe with her acts whether it is for the betterment of her own or the others. “I have ridden in power essay your cart, driver, / waved my nude arms at villages going by, / learning the last bright routes, survivor / where your flames still bite my thigh / and my ribs crack where your wheels wind. / A woman like that is not ashamed to die. / I have been her kind. (15-21)” In the business plan vision last part of the poem, the resolution evolved.

From being an anguish individual, persona elevated into a mature and constant persona through the justifications of being a survivor and brainstorming fearless. It has been said in this part of the poem that everything changes into a deeper context of statement, reality. If there are forms of fear in fcat dissertation the beginning, it will soon revolve into a fearless discussion of life because the persona’s numbness and desire to live. “#8221;A woman like that is misunderstood,#8221; Sexton adds wryly, but the poem is a serious attempt to business plan vision, understand such a womanher sense of essay, estrangement, her impulse toward deathby internalizing evil and giving it a voice: a chortling, self-satisfied, altogether amiable voice which suggests that #8220;evil#8221; is perhaps the wrong word after all (Johnson).” Death is not an issue with the persona of the poem. She is not afraid of the things around her for business statement, she is already numb with the things around her especially the cruelty of life within her. This is what Johnson has perceived in his analysis to the poem. The strength and power of the persona brought significant aspect of women empowerment into the society of oppressed women.

It is a knowledge that women need to acquire as what the free writing narrator illustrated in her tenses. In general, Sexton made a significant attack in her poem. The way she treated her persona and narrator showed the element control and plan vision statement activeness. “She is a kind of perverse entertainer, and if she seems cast in the role of a martyr, embracing madness in brainstorming order to domesticate it for the rest of the communitymaking it seem less threatening, perhaps even enjoyableit is nevertheless a martyrdom which this aspect of plan vision statement, Sexton accepts with a peculiar zest (Johnson).” Despite of the tragic life of the character in the poem, she remained thoughtful with her life. Though she is not afraid of death, she live her life to the fullest. She wanted everything to be challenging and strange because this is how her life works through her ideas and personality. Therefore, it is true that the uniqueness and beauty of the narrator and persona started from the essay tale cask side of darkness and business plan went through the light of humility and personal salvation. Johnson, Greg. #8220;The Achievement of Anne Sexton.#8221; The Hollins Critic, 1984. Middlerbrook, Diane Wood. Anne Sexton: A Biography.

Copyright © 1991. Kennedy, X. J. and Dana Gioia. Bibliography Apa? Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing. New York: Longman, 2007.

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Manage the index component in SharePoint Server 2013. Summary: Learn how and when to business plan statement use Windows PowerShell to essay tell amontillado scale out the search index in SharePoint Server 2013 by adding an vision statement index component to create an additional index replica or index partition. The procedures and the examples in this article assume that SharePoint Server 2013 and the Search service application are installed, that there is an existing search topology and brainstorming, that there are items in the search index. If SharePoint Server 2013 and vision, the Search service application are newly installed and there is no content in the SharePoint Server 2013 search index, follow the procedures outlined in Change the default search topology in SharePoint Server 2013 to scale out the search topology. The procedures in this article apply to the index component. For information about how to manage the analytics processing component, the free writing podcasts content processing component, the crawl component, the search administration component and the query processing component, see Manage search components in SharePoint Server 2013. You use the index component PowerShell cmdlet (New-SPEnterpriseSearchIndexComponent) to manage both index partitions and index replicas.

Each index component in the search topology represents an index replica. You divide the search index into discrete portions called index partitions . Each index partition is stored as a set of plan vision, files on a local disk. To scale out the search index, you add a new index partition for apa style dissertation each 10 million items. To achieve fault tolerance for the search index, you add an business plan statement index replica of an existing index partition to the search topology. Each index replica contains the references unpublished dissertation same information. In this article: Before you begin, review the following prerequisites.

SharePoint Server 2013 is installed and a Search service application with a search topology is created. The user account that is performing the procedures in plan vision statement, this article is a member of the Farm Administrators group. You have planned a target search topology and have planned on which servers that you want to host the index partitions and the index replicas. Scale enterprise search in SharePoint Server 2013 describes which approach to use to free redesign an existing enterprise search topology, including links to TechNet articles with hardware requirements for the search topology. Business Plan Statement? Scale search for Internet Sites in SharePoint Server 2013 gives guidance on scaling out existing search topology for Internet sites, including hardware requirements for the search topology. We recommend that you plan the target number of index partitions based on the expected number of items in the search index..

SharePoint Server 2013 is installed on all the servers that you want to host index components on. Creative? You can create new application servers or define application servers in an existing deployment. Plan Statement? The servers are added to the farm and you are an administrator on all these servers. You add an index replica to the search topology to achieve fault tolerance for an existing index partition. Critical Bibliography? You place the index replicas on separate failure domains on separate servers. Vision Statement? When you add an index replica, you add a new index component to the search topology and associate it with the index partition that you want to make a replica of. Verify that the user account that is performing this procedure is a member of the Farm Administrators group. Start a SharePoint 2013 Management Shell on essay cask one of the servers in business, the farm. For Windows Server 2008 R2: On the critical apa Start menu, click All Programs , click Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Products , right-click SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and then click Run as administrator . For Windows Server 2012:

On the Start screen, right-click SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and then click Run as administrator . If SharePoint 2013 Management Shell is not on plan statement the Start screen: Right-click Computer , click All apps , right-click SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and then click Run as administrator . For more information about how to interact with Windows Server 2012, see Common Management Tasks and Navigation in writing, Windows Server 2012. Start a search service instance on the server that you want to business plan vision statement create the essay tale heart index replica on and create a reference to the search service instance Id. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command(s): $host n specifies the PowerShell object reference for the search service instance. Server name specifies the business server on which you want to vs authority essay add an index component. The input must be a valid GUID, in the form 12345678-90ab-cdef-1234-567890bcdefgh ; a valid name of a server (for example, myserver1 ); or an instance of a valid SearchServiceInstance object. Wait until the search service instance is running. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command until the command returns the status Online : Clone the active search topology. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command(s): Add a new index component and associate it with a partition. Business Plan Vision? At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command(s): $clone is the cloned topology that you are changing.

$host n is the PowerShell object reference to the running search service instance on the server that you want to add the index replica to. Index partition number is the apa style unpublished number of the existing index partition that you are creating a replica of. Statement? For example, to create an index replica of index partition 0, choose 0 as the parameter value. Activate the clone topology. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the podcasts following command(s):

Verify that your new topology is business plan vision statement, active and that the index component representing the new index replica is added. At the essay Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command(s): Monitor the distribution of the existing index to the new replica. The added index replica will have the state Degraded until the vision statement distribution is finished. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command(s): Repeat this command until all search components, including the apa style unpublished new index component, output the business plan statement state Active . For a large search index, this could take several hours. For each ten million items in the search index, you have to add a new index partition.

When you add a new index partition, the search index has to tell tale cask be repartitioned. Depending on the size of the search index, this repartitioning can take several hours to complete. To add an plan index partition and repartition the search index, you add a new index component to power vs authority the search topology and associate this index component with a new index partition number. Adding an business plan index partition and repartitioning the fcat search index should be initiated as a separate process and business vision, should not be initiated while you are making other changes to writing podcasts the search topology. You must add the plan vision same number of index replicas to the new index partition as you have for your existing partitions.

Before you add a new index partition to the search topology and fcat dissertation, start repartitioning the statement search index: Back up the Search service application and the existing search index. See Back up Search service applications in critical bibliography, SharePoint 2013. Make sure that the current active topology is healthy. View the status of the plan vision search topology in the Search Administration page in Central Administration or run the Windows PowerShell cmdlet Get-SPEnterpriseSearchStatus . Make sure that there is sufficient disk space available on the servers hosting the new index partition and on the servers hosting the existing index partitions.

Here are some tips to calculate how much disk space you need: Typically, you should use disks of the same size as the ones on your existing servers, to create equal room for growth for all index partitions. If N is the current number of index partitions, and A is the tell tale heart amontillado number of vision, index partitions you are adding, you need at least 100% x A / (N + 2A) free disk space on your index drive. Make sure that you scale out before your disk is too full. To scale out, you will need to add at essay tell cask amontillado least one index partition, so use the formula mentioned in the previous bullet point to calculate the minimum amount of plan, free disk space you need to be able to dissertation repartition later. Verify that the user account that is performing this procedure is a member of the Farm Administrators group. Start a SharePoint 2013 Management Shell on one of the servers in the farm. For Windows Server 2008 R2: On the Start menu, click All Programs , click Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Products , right-click SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and then click Run as administrator . For Windows Server 2012: On the Start screen, right-click SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and then click Run as administrator . If SharePoint 2013 Management Shell is not on the Start screen: Right-click Computer , click All apps , right-click SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and statement, then click Run as administrator . For more information about how to interact with Windows Server 2012, see Common Management Tasks and Navigation in essay tell tale heart cask, Windows Server 2012.

Start a search service instance on all the vision statement servers where you want to add an index replica for fcat the new index partition. Business Plan Statement? You create a PowerShell object reference to vs authority the search service instance that is business plan statement, used later in the procedure. For each server, at the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command(s): host n specifies the brainstorming PowerShell object reference for the search service instance. Server name specifies the server on which you want to add an index component. The input must be a valid GUID, in the form 12345678-90ab-cdef-1234-567890bcdefgh ; a valid name of a server (for example, myserver1 ); or an instance of a valid SearchServiceInstance object. Wait until the search service instances are running. For each server, at the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command until the business statement command returns the status Online : Clone the active search topology. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command(s):

The command creates a clone search topology that can be referenced with $clone and returns information about the clone topology. Free Writing Podcasts? Make a note of the statement topology Id of the cloned topology, in case you have to cancel the critical bibliography apa repartitioning process. Add a new index partition by adding one or more index components and associate them with the plan vision new index partition. We recommend that you create the same number of index replicas for the new index partition as you have for the existing partitions. For each new index component, at the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command(s): $clone is the cloned topology that you are changing. $host n specifies the PowerShell object reference for brainstorming the search service instance.

Index partition number is the number of the index partition that you are creating. Plan Statement? By default, you have one index partition, which is called index partition 0. If you want to create a new index partition, enter the IndexPartition parameter value 1, followed by power vs authority essay 2, then 3 and business plan vision, so forth. For example, if you have an existing index partition 0 with index replicas on Host A and Host B, and vs authority, you want to add a new index partition with index replicas on Host C and Host D: Verify that the Search service application is running. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the plan statement following command(s): If this command returns False , the Search service application is running. Fcat Dissertation? Continue with step 9. If this command returns True , the Search service application is paused.

Continue with step 8. If the Search service application is plan vision, paused, find out why and if you have to wait for any operation to creative complete before you can continue with step 9. See Manage a paused Search service application in SharePoint Server 2013 for more information. Start the business statement activation of the clone topology. This will start the activation of the topology that includes the new index replicas associated with the new index partition. This will start the index repartitioning process. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command(s): Monitor the progress of the dissertation index repartitioning process. You can only monitor the progress of the repartitioning process on business the primary index components of the existing topology. The following steps show you how to find the primary index components. Start a second SharePoint 2013 Management Shell.

For Windows Server 2008 R2: On the Start menu, click All Programs , click Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Products , right-click SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and then click Run as administrator . For Windows Server 2012: On the Start screen, right-click SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and then click Run as administrator . If SharePoint 2013 Management Shell is not on the Start screen: Right-click Computer , click All apps , right-click SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and references unpublished dissertation, then click Run as administrator . For more information about how to interact with Windows Server 2012, see Common Management Tasks and Navigation in Windows Server 2012. Find the primary index replica for each of the existing index partitions. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt of the business vision second SharePoint 2013 Management Shell, type the following command(s): The command returns a list of index components and their properties.

Make a note of the names of the primary index component(s). These are the index components that have the property Primary: True . For example, the output could look like this. In this example, IndexComponent2 is the primary index component: For each primary index component, monitor the index repartitioning progress. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt of the annotated bibliography apa second SharePoint 2013 Management Shell, type the following command(s): Index component name is the business plan vision statement name of the primary index component that you want to monitor the progress of, for instance IndexComponent2 . Monitor the output of the command for each primary index component.

The output of the command contains progress information about the repartitioning of the index. During the initial phase of the index repartitioning process, the output will look something like this: The index partitions are split during the main phase of the fcat index repartitioning process. During this phase, the output will look something like this: The percentage value in vision, the output indicates the approximate progress of the repartitioning process. Repeat this command for all primary index components until the output of the commands no longer returns any values. That means that the index repartitioning process has completed and that the repartitioned index will now be replicated and distributed over the servers. This could take several hours. Monitor the progress of the distribution of the index to the new index replicas. To do this, verify that your new topology is active, and that all search components are healthy.

At the Windows PowerShell command prompt of the second SharePoint 2013 Management Shell, type the following command(s): During the distribution of the index to the new index replicas, the added index replicas will return the state Degraded . The distribution is finished when all index components return the state Active in the output. This could take several hours. In the SharePoint 2013 Management Shell that you used to start the topology activation process, verify that the search topology activation command has completed. (Optional) Restart the brainstorming SharePoint Search Host Controller service on all the servers that hosted index components (representing a primary index replica or any other index replica) prior to plan vision statement the repartitioning.

Perform this step to get a correct document count and power vs authority essay, free up memory after repartitioning the plan vision statement search index. If you decide not to dissertation perform this step, it will take a few days and some indexing iterations for the memory usage to be gradually reduced and the document count (as returned by PowerShell cmdlets and in the Search Administration page in Central Administration) to be correct. To restart the plan vision SharePoint Search Host Controller, open a command prompt window on dissertation each of the plan servers that host index components for existing index partitions. To stop the SharePoint Search Host Controller, type this command: net stop spsearchhostcontroller. To restart the SharePoint Search Host Controller, type this command: net start spsearchhostcontroller. Resume the brainstorming Search service application. Business Vision Statement? At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the free creative writing following command(s): If you, for plan vision any reason, have to cancel an ongoing repartitioning process, use the following procedure. To cancel the repartitioning process. Start a new SharePoint 2013 Management Shell on the server where you ran the topology activation command.

For Windows Server 2008 R2: On the critical Start menu, click All Programs , click Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Products , right-click SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and then click Run as administrator . For Windows Server 2012: On the vision Start screen, right-click SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and then click Run as administrator . If SharePoint 2013 Management Shell is not on the Start screen: Right-click Computer , click All apps , right-click SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and dissertation, then click Run as administrator . For more information about how to interact with Windows Server 2012, see Common Management Tasks and Navigation in Windows Server 2012. Retrieve the activating topology Id. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the business plan following command(s): Id of the apa style references unpublished dissertation activating topology is the identity (GUID) of the clone topology that you wrote down when you cloned the search topology. Cancel the plan topology activation.

At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command(s): If you have more than one active index replica for annotated an index partition, you can remove an index replica by performing the procedure Remove a search component in the article Manage search components in SharePoint Server 2013. You cannot remove the last index replica of an index partition using this procedure. Business Vision? If you have to remove all index replicas from the search topology, you must remove and re-create the Search service application and create a completely new search topology that has the reduced number of essay tell tale cask, index partitions. If you want to move an index replica from one server to another, we recommend that you add a new index component to the search topology before you remove the business vision statement old index component. Add a new index component to brainstorming the server that you want to move the business plan statement index replica to.

Clone the apa style references search topology, add a new index replica, wait for the index to be replicated to the new index replica and activate the search topology. See Add an index replica to an existing index partition. Wait until the new index replica is ready to serve queries. View the status of the search topology in business plan vision statement, the Search Administration page in Central Administration or run the Windows PowerShell cmdlet Get-SPEnterpriseSearchStatus . Before you proceed, the fcat index replica that you have added must be Active . Clone the search topology again. Remove the superfluous index replica by removing the index component. See the procedure Remove a search component in the article Manage search components in SharePoint Server 2013. Activate the search topology again.

This will ensure fault tolerance of the search index while you are moving the index replica.

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Business Plan Basics: Vision Statements, Mission Statements, and

20+ Professional Resume Themes for business vision WordPress. The days of the resume in the post are long gone #8212; job-hunters today are more frequently turning to online resumes as a nice, eye-catching way to grab the attention of potential employees. With so many themes available today, it not a surprise that there are hundreds of WordPress resume themes to choose from. Apa Style Dissertation! With an emphasis on clean and professional design, these resume themes offer an engaging way to display your work experience, education, portfolio, and skills #8212; in other words, everything you need to land your dream job! Today I want to introduce you to my favorite handpicked WordPress resume themes for vision statement you to choose from. I guess it won#8217;t be easy for fcat dissertation you to pick one as all of them look fabulous! Premium Layers -Wordpress vCard Resume Theme. Premium Layers is simple WordPress theme.

It features 8 pre-built skins in business vision, dark and light color schemes and all it will look great on any mobile device because of power vs authority, its responsive design. Portfolio section in this theme is filterable and comes with a great looking animation effects. If you are looking for a boxed design then this is worth your look as nowadays it is hard to find these kind of themes. Plan! It also gives you the critical annotated, ability to write about latest industry news in the blog which is business plan vision statement included with this theme. Other features include contact form, fully integrated Google Maps, Google Font and essay, Font Awesome icons. Promotion is a modern WordPress vCard theme. Its clean design allows the visitor to focus on your resume.

It is retina ready and business plan vision, comes with unlimited color options. Annotated Apa! Almost all of the elements in this theme are animated. If you are a creative person then you will appreciate video background and full background photo slider options. Plan Vision! It is also ready to be translated in any language you want. If you#8217;re looking to stand out from the crowd, look no further than ResumeX, which has all you need to build a complete online resume. The theme allows you to create stunning one-page resumes, with dedicated sections for a full page slider, about me, skills, education, portfolio, map, social media, and even a blog. You can showcase your work experience through its nice dedicated timeline module.

Testimonials are organized in a nice slider. Apa Style! Adding each section to the one-page design is vision as simple as hitting an on/off button from the admin panel, and brainstorming, an intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to reorder your page. Plan Statement! The theme is mobile friendly, as well as supporting an endless number of color options and over 600 Google fonts. BookCard WP is a beautiful 3D animated WordPress vCard theme. Creative! It lets you create an interactive, fold-out resume, which potential clients can open up #8212; this is vision one of the power vs authority, most eye-catching ways of business plan vision, presenting your resume I#8217;ve ever seen. The theme essentially consists of a four page booklet, including a front cover. You can add employment, education, a downloadable CV, skills, services, testimonials, social media buttons, and apa style references unpublished, a contact form to your pages. And of course, what would be resume without portfolio, it opens with a gorgeous animation and your work in it will look professional. The theme comes with plenty of customization options: you have countless colors, 600+ Google fonts, nine cover styles, 11 paper styles, and business, 28 backgrounds to choose from, which allows you to create a highly personalized cv. Personage is a stunning one-page resume theme.

At the top of the page you can include a full page image slider or background video, and all of the element on the page is fully animated #8212; this makes your site feel dynamic, and that is bound to impress your clients. The theme supports endless color options, 600+ Google fonts to choose from, and free creative podcasts, includes a light and dark skin. The theme is also mobile friendly, retina ready, and can be translated into multiple languages. Profiler is a stylish resume theme. The theme is business plan vision fully responsive, and supports several custom page types, including an free about page, resume page, awards page, gallery page, and contact page. The theme is simple and stylish, with the anchored left-hand sidebar clearly inspired by the popular Twenty Fourteen theme. You can place a set of nice social media buttons and business plan vision, your contact details in the sidebar, which makes it easy for your clients to reach you.

The Person is brainstorming one of the most modern resume themes I#8217;ve seen. It lets you create professional looking resume websites with plenty of customization options to add your own flair. The links to the different sections of your resume are positioned randomly over the top of the featured image #8212; you can upload your own image, use custom colored stripes, or a colorful pyramid. The theme supports plenty of typography choices, plus you can add your own picture or icons next to the text links. When a visitor clicks one of the links, the image expands and plan vision statement, the relevant section of your website is displayed. This fully responsive resume theme supports a resume section (complete with animated work experience, education, and skills), contact form, portfolio, and blog.

The Person can also be used to create an online shop, with the Easy Digital Downloads eCommerce plugin integrated with the brainstorming, theme. If you want to keep it simple, check out the business vision, LETA theme, a stylish vCard theme for power WordPress. The theme is fully responsive, and comes with over 600 Google fonts, unlimited colors, and over business plan vision statement 20 background patterns. The theme allows you to build a vCard with five separate tabs. Apa Style! As well as a main details tab (the homepage), you can also add a resume (complete with skills, work experience, and plan vision statement, education details), portfolio, blog, and a contact tab which includes a contact form and free, map. Visitors can also download a copy of your CV by hitting a simple button. Plan! If you want to free creative writing podcasts, create a resume page without all the fluff, LETA could be the theme for you. If versatility is important to you, I would highly recommend the modern, stylish Clean Slide theme. Business Plan Vision! The theme can be used is built for personal or corporate use, and vs authority essay, comes with three homepage style options.

All three look great, and the theme is statement also big on customization options #8212; it comes with 30 color presets, 15 background patterns, and 50+ vCard patterns. The theme also includes 30 shortcodes to help you create the tale heart cask amontillado, different sections of your resume. You can add buttons, latest projects, team members, skills, and much more. Many shortcode elements also include stylish animations to make your website feel more interactive. Plan Vision! The theme is fully responsive and vs authority essay, includes a nice portfolio section, too. Me theme, a stunning, minimal, one-page WordPress theme. Because it uses an elegant minimalist design, the customization options are more limited #8212; however this doesn#8217;t feel like a limitation. You are still able to choose from over 70 fonts, font size, and font color. You can also set the background color and menu color if the default styles don#8217;t suit you. The theme supports a number of sections: about, services, portfolio, and contact form.

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You can configure it in critical apa, one-page and multi-page website. This theme is retina ready meaning all its graphical elements are made ultra sharp so they look good on HD screens. You never know from what kind of device visitors will open your website and nowadays there are so many resolution screens available so its good to business statement, know that this theme is also responsive. Its layout will adjust automatically to the screen size on which its viewed. Robert Smith theme is built to dissertation, highlight your professional skills, experience and education. You can also add your portfolio and testimonials from previous clients. If you don#8217;t like the font used on demo website you can always choose from more than 600 google fonts via theme options. This single page resume and personal portfolio theme is best suitable for designers, developers and vision statement, freelancers.

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Essay: Adult nursing – circulating nurse. This essay aims to explore an aspect in my practice in adult nursing. I have selected the business vision statement roles and responsibilities of the circulating nurse in the perioperative setting. I have carefully picked this topic because as a future qualified theatre practitioner, being knowledgeable in the extensive duty of a circulating nurse is essential to essay heart be competent in my placement. Working in business plan vision a specialised unit such as the creative podcasts theatre is not a surprise to be challenging.

There have been several researches, journals and plan statement articles in the field of nursing however, the roles of perioperative nursing particularly that of the circulating nurse are not clearly identified. The two primary functions of the runner are acting as the patient advocate and preserving patient safety. This essay will cover these two roles on how the circulating nurse will carry this out in practice. Moreover, this essay will examine the circulating nurse’s function in maintaining safety to other members of the tell tale heart amontillado surgical team and identify their responsibilities and discuss measures that encompasses their practice. 1. It is the duty of the circulating nurse to examine the medical equipment, check availability of instrument sets, cleaning the theatre and resupplying of consumable stocks. Nurses are familiar with the importance of preparing, cleaning and resupplying of the theatre (Murphy, 2002a). Business Statement? Before the start of any surgical procedure, the runner must ensure that the theatre is set up accordingly. This includes such things as checking medical equipment needed for apa style unpublished, the surgery are readily available and functions appropriately. For instance, the overhead light, diathermy and suction machine are switched on and are tested to business statement be working properly; decontaminating the theatre according to trust policy; lining the bins with color coded plastic bags; making sure operating table is working properly and discussing with the scrub nurse the correct set up of the furniture and power vs authority essay equipment in the theatre ready for plan, the procedure.

Equipment that are to be used to position the critical annotated bibliography patient must also be prepared; restocking the supplies such as the plan swabs, drapes, gowns and other needed disposables that are normally used; sets to be used are discussed with the scrub nurse and are brought in the theatre. In line with this, inspection of the expiration dates of instrument sterility and supplies are also checked. Murphy (2002b) explains that although these habits of references unpublished cleaning the rooms and plan equipment seemed tedious, they are essential measures in promoting patient safety. Ensuring a safe environment for every patient is essay tell amontillado, critical for it is our legal duty as nurses. As healthcare providers, we must know or lower the business vision potential risks of danger of our patient (NMC, 2015a). By doing routine checks before surgery commences, we are effectively exercising our roles to preserve patient safety. 2. Carry out the Surgical Safety Checklist. Implementation of the World Health Organization Surgical Safety Checklist is a vital practice in vs authority essay the theatre. As the business statement circulating nurse, one must be able to critical annotated bibliography understand the content of the manual to carry out the statement checklist in each patient for surgery.

During sign in, the patient is identified by the anaesthetist together with the Operating Department Practitioner, the procedure and the surgical site is confirmed and most importantly, the consent is checked. This step is crucial so as not to operate on apa style references dissertation the wrong patient, site or procedure (WHO, 2008). In this step, we also need to check on the site mark, this is another way to make sure surgery is done on the correct site. Additionally, the safety of providing anaesthetics is verified with the anaesthetist. This includes inspection of anaesthetic equipment, verification of drug- related concerns and business statement overall safety of the patient particularly the patient’s airway. Ensuring the patient is hooked to brainstorming the patient monitor before giving anaesthetic drugs and verifying patient’s drug or food allergies are also included in this segment. During time out, everyone in the surgical team is halted briefly to plan vision statement make sure all vital checks were carried out (WHO, 2008a). In this stage, everyone in the theatre introduces their name and role, the anaesthetist and surgeon is asked for any anticipated events that might be crucial intraoperatively so the team can prepare the necessary drugs, equipment, instruments and free creative resources to prevent any complications. Furthermore, the sterility of instruments is plan statement, verified with the scrub nurse, the surgeon is asked for the need of antimicrobial to decrease risk of critical bibliography surgical site infection and lastly, the need for essential imaging is added in for business statement, surgeons requiring them for review.

The last phase can be done by the runner, surgeon or the anaesthetist and should be accomplished with the presence of the surgeon (WHO, 2008b). Sign out encompasses the following: verification of the surgical procedure with the surgeon and brainstorming the theatre team, confirmation of the correct counting of instruments, swabs and needles, verification of specimens labelling, concerns with regards the equipment and instruments are dealt with and theatre team is business plan vision statement, asked about recovery concerns of the patient. Nurses must work cooperatively with others by delivering effective communication and disclose information to essay the team to distinguish possible problems (NMC, 2015b). Implementation of the WHO checklist is the best time to collaborate with other members of the team. We must not assume anything without delivering it to the multidisciplinary team involved as communication errors are the most common grounds of blunder in the healthcare field.

If information is business plan vision, not passed to the right person, errors are very likely to occur and this can be critical to the safety of the patient. 3. Competently handle and manage specimens according to local procedures. The RCN (2012) describes that proper collection, handling and labelling of specimens is vital as the tell property of specimen obtained has propositions for business plan vision statement, any microbiological diagnosis that may be reported. To conform to the local policy of University Hospital of Lewisham (2009), the following guidelines must be observed: ‘ Once the specimen is taken from the patient’s body, the scrub nurse will confirm with the surgeon the essay tale amontillado type of specimen collected and where it is to be sent. For instance, it will be sent for histology or microbiology.

‘ Specimen must be secured in a durable container with cap and must be free of contaminants. Container must be adequately labelled with patient’s details, type of specimen and date of collection. In cases where there is business plan vision, more than one specimen, bottles should be numbered. ‘ Theatre staff must not remove specimen in the operating room without having the Surgeon confirm the specimen labelling and clinical details are written by the Surgeon himself on the request forms. ‘ The circulating and scrub nurse will check together the content and expiration of power vs authority essay fixatives if the specimen is to be placed in formal saline and ensure that it covers the sample adequately. ‘ Specimen pots must be placed in a sealable plastic container and if there is a risk for infection, plastic bag should be labelled to alert other healthcare workers. ‘ Specimen must be documented on the register by two theatre staff wherein one is a qualified practitioner. Standard infection control measures should be practiced by healthcare staffs who have direct exposure to bodily fluids, blood and business plan vision secretions of patients (European Biosafety Network, 2010). Critical? Safer working practices include performing hand hygiene, making use of personal protective equipment based on plan statement judgment of exposure to bodily fluids and adherence to trust’s safe handling and management of specimens. 4. Implement precautionary actions for infection control. Infection control should fundamentally focus on prevention (J.

Rothrock et al, 2015). Apa Style References Unpublished Dissertation? The spread of microorganisms follows a sequence of events and prevention is highly achievable if healthcare workers break the chain. Infection control practices of the unsterile worker in the theatre, whom is the circulating nurse, is achievable when adherence to the following sections are presented: ‘ Proficient in proper disposal of business plan wastes and sharps. Sharps which includes needles, syringes, scalpels and broken glass must be disposed in a specifically designed container intended for it. Healthcare staff must be knowledgeable of the different sharp disposal color coding: Orange lidded disposals are used solely for sharps not contaminated with cytotoxic products while yellow lidded containers are used for sharps contaminated with prescription only medicines and power vs authority essay equipment.

The Health and Safety (Sharp Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations (2013) has come up with guidelines to manage sharp injury prevention and control in ways such as finding alternatives to utilise sharps or if unavoidable, use safer sharps; never recapping needles after use; and ensuring sharp containers are placed close to work area. In addition, the following standard actions should be taken by clinical staffs to prevent and reduce inoculation injury (Infection and business plan statement Control Team, 2011): Sharp boxes should not be overfilled above the essay tell tale heart cask amontillado mark that signifies it is filled; sharp boxes must be labelled properly with the date and name of plan staff who assembled it; sharp containers should be placed in power vs authority essay a safe location, above ground level favourably hanged on the wall; sharp disposals should temporarily be closed when not in use or when brought to work area. Though circulators are not directly in contact with needles and sharps intraoperatively, one should know the action to business plan vision statement take in the event of an inoculation injury. Immediately after the injury, encourage bleeding of site without squeezing. Wash it thoroughly, dry it and apply dressing. Report to line manager and essay tell heart cask amontillado complete filling out risk assessment form. Finally, go to A#038;E. Circulating nurses must also identify the correct waste receptacles for proper segregation. Yellow bag are to be used for clinical waste for business vision, incineration while Orange bag are used for infectious waste which will be needing treatment or may be managed under incineration. These UN approved bags must be used properly according to wastes intended for its use (NHS, 2010). Additionally, white bags in the theatre are for disposable materials.

Proper segregation of wastes is brainstorming, crucial in the clinical setting to prevent cross contamination (Department of Health, 2004). To accomplish it, employees must be have a continuous training programme for adherence to policies. In the theatre, safe waste disposal must also be guaranteed to plan those handling clinical wastes by wearing appropriate personal protective equipment. The bag should be removed from essay amontillado, container when ?? full and closed with securement tag or with a bag tie. Bins should be lined with new bags after every procedure. Finally, it must be placed in a storage area for collection such as the dirty utility.

‘ Ensure cleaning and disinfecting of the business plan theatre for annotated, each patient. Contamination in the theatre can happen from different sources. The room must be cleaned to establish a safe environment to every patient. To fulfil this, theatre staff nurse evaluates the cleanliness of the room and initiates disinfecting the theatre if needed (AORN, 2013). The theatre room must be kept to a minimum to decrease air turbulence and the possibility of contamination. Thus doors must be kept shut once the surgery begins.

Regular cleaning and disinfecting of theatre environment aids in preventing surgical site infections and protects the entire theatre team from exposure to business vision transmittable microorganisms. Before the fcat start of the first procedure, the room ought to be dusted with the approved local disinfectant. While the surgery is ongoing, theatre practitioners need to keep contaminants to a certain area inside the theatre. For instance, swabs need to be placed in a plastic receptacle and business plan statement be covered when handling them for collection. Personal protective equipment should be observed when doing so. Finally, after every procedure color coded receptacles need to be discarded as well as scalpels used should go in the approved sharps boxes (OSHA, 2001).

‘ Vigilant of traffic control- knows sterility circu. ‘ Observe universal, standard and transmission based precautions. Healthcare professionals are at risk of critical annotated bibliography apa getting blood-borne diseases such as HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B and C. Plan Statement? Although theatre practitioners are aware of the importance of wearing personal protective equipment, more often than not safeguards are set aside to power vs authority essay function quicker during busy theatre procedures. Plan Vision? Thus, it is essential to reinforce precautionary measures to theatre practitioners. The following has been recommended by the Center for Disease Control (2007) under the ‘Guideline for apa, Isolation Precautions’ and requires healthcare workers to ensure practice of standard precautionary measures: a. Blood and bodily fluids are considered potentially infectious and needs standard precautionary measures. b. During invasive procedures standard precautions should be applied. c. Execute standard precaution for plan vision, specimen handling as they are regarded as theoretically infectious. d. Brainstorming? Apply standard precaution for statement, management and disinfecting equipment. e. Carry out standard precaution for disposal of brainstorming clinical rubbish and sharps. The most important form of preventing spread of pathogens is by plan vision statement performing handwashing.

It needs to be done between patient contact, after handling of blood and dissertation body fluids and before invasive procedures. The use of PPE such as gloves, apron, goggles and masks are indispensable tools to protect yourself and your patient in the perioperative phase. However healthcare staff need to plan remember when to change PPE to stop spread of infectious organisms (Dix K, 2001). Critical Bibliography Apa? Correspondingly, transmission based precautions needs to vision be used for patients with known transmittable diseases such as airborne, droplet and contact infections. 5. Execute proper handling and movement of patient. The Association of Surgical Technologist (2014) defines the aim of power essay surgical positioning as to deliver ideal visualisation of and access to the surgical site that causes the least physiological compromise, while preventing injury to patient’s skin and joints. If not done correctly, patient is at risk of formation of pressure sores, injure skin integrity, and trigger neuromuscular problems. To prevent any injury to the patient during transfer, his/her body must be moved as a whole unit.

Moreover, knowledge, planning and business plan vision teamwork of the surgical team are the key components to a successful transfer of the patient. The AORN (2008) recommends the following procedures when performing patient positioning in the theatre: ‘ Before patient is brought in the theatre, position to be used must be identified and essay tale discussed with the surgeon. ‘ Ensure any necessary equipment is available and cleaned for business plan statement, safe transfer of patient and is in working order. ‘ A dedicated theatre practitioner should coordinate to ensure safe transfer of patient to bed. ‘ After skin preparation, theatre staff must check correct body alignment and skin integrity of patient and be recorded in documentation. Every healthcare practitioner must ensure patient safety to avoid the preventable complications mentioned from mal-positioning. Planning for patient transfer and positioning is crucial in the theatre and it must be done in a safe and fcat syncronised manner with other team members.

There should be enough staff to help in business plan vision statement moving the patient to the bed. Cask? It is also essential to check the patient preoperatively and postoperatively to plan vision assess for brainstorming, signs of mal-positioning problems. 6. Record keeping to vision statement include counting of swabs, instruments and sharps. Documentation is an essential aspect in the healthcare practice and the theatre is not exempted from it. Apart from improving the perioperative practice, record-keeping has also played a significant role in legal and professional incidents. NMC (2015c) emphasizes that nurses must ‘keep clear and brainstorming accurate records relevant to business statement your practice’. Fcat? As nurses, it is business vision statement, part of our professional duties that we owe to our patients so we can deliver efficient care and fcat uphold safety. Healthcare workers should observe the principles of good record keeping (NMC, 2009) which consist of writing entries legibly and accurately, following local policies with regards to documentation, entries should be factual and no alterations nor falsification should be made, and when feasible, patients should be included in the documentation process. As the runner in the theatre, it is their responsibility to ensure the documentation is done correctly and is reviewed by the scrub nurse after the surgery. Nurses should work collaboratively with other colleagues to evaluate practice and of the entire team (NMC, 2015d).

There are a wide range of perioperative records and it encompasses the business statement following (AFPP, 2011): The theatre care plan which embraces the pre, intra and post-operative care of the patient. This can be a combination of electronic and paper record that provides a complete note of the patient in the perioperative phase and sometimes covers implants used and power decontamination labels from business vision statement, sets used in writing the procedure. The count which is documenting items used during surgery. It includes putting entries in the white board, in the theatre register and the care plan.

The counting sheet requires the scrub and circulating nurse’s signature who have done the count to verify complete counting of items used and identify staffs who have been on the team. The safe surgery checklist which is an essential aspect in the perioperative period. During Time out, the surgical team pauses to discuss areas relating to patient care and safety prior to starting the procedure. Generally, in comparison from my previous practice in the Philippines, due to business statement lack of resources, management of infection control has still a few steps to go to equally be highly regarded to the practice here in the United Kingdom. I feel that the practice in the Philippines puts their healthcare workers at risks by not providing adequate gears to safeguard themselves. Power? I extremely admire how the NHS makes available the appropriate supplies to business vision statement bring about safety to those receiving care, to healthcare workers and those working in the hospitals susceptible to clinical wastes. On the other hand, the dissertation responsibilities of a circulating nurse in the Philippines is comparable to the practice here in the UK. However as new practitioners, learning the local protocols and general system of plan vision statement healthcare should be identified and learned. All the theatre responsibilities I have stated are important.

Though the dissertation one segment I feel is the focal point in the perioperative phase to promote safety of the patient is the implementation of the WHO checklist. According to WHO (2008c), many might find it as an unnecessary tool and wish to proceed directly to surgery. As O’Conner et al points out that the barriers to completing the checklist are the requirement for business plan vision, signatures, lack of time and assertiveness of staff. Moreover, poor teamwork and the timing of when the checklist is free podcasts, carried out are highlighted as barriers (O’Conner et al, 2013). NPSA (2009) expounds that the WHO checklist should be used to all patients (in-patients and day case) who will undergo a surgery, needing general or local anaesthetics. Thus, by covering the WHO checklist to each patients, we are evaluating altogether in business vision a quick and comprehensive way the perioperative issues such as completeness of bibliography apa surgical count and site marking. To sum up, the circulating nurse has a massive role in the theatre that begins pre-, intra- and post- operatively to sustain patient’s safety as well as the rest of the surgical team. By ensuring the theatre is equipped with the business necessary tools and materials prior to the first procedure, executing the Surgical Safety Checklist and other documentations, following the essay local policy for managing specimens, adhering to infection control procedures and practicing proper handling techniques when moving patients, circulating nurses are actively committed in performing their role in business vision statement the perioperative team. To review the competencies and brainstorming adherence of business plan statement theatre practitioners to common procedures that a circulating nurse normally does, I aspire to vs authority essay assemble a lecture in my placement in the University Hospital of Lewisham main theatres during clinical audit with regards the topic I have selected. I am certain that by doing so, it will invigorate and promote the skills and knowledge of my colleagues and correct wrong methods of implementation of staffs who need induction.

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Exam Questions: Types, Characteristics, and Suggestions. Examinations are a very common assessment and evaluation tool in universities and there are many types of examination questions. This tips sheet contains a brief description of seven types of examination questions, as well as tips for using each of them: 1) multiple choice, 2) true/false, 3) matching, 4) short answer, 5) essay, 6) oral, and 7) computational. Business Vision. Remember that some exams can be conducted effectively in a secure online environment in a proctored computer lab or assigned as paper based or online “take home” exams. Multiple choice questions are composed of critical bibliography apa one question (stem) with multiple possible answers (choices), including the correct answer and several incorrect answers (distractors). Typically, students select the business plan correct answer by circling the associated number or letter, or filling in the associated circle on the machine-readable response sheet. A) Elements of the exam layout that distract attention from the questions. B) Incorrect but plausible choices used in tell heart multiple choice questions. C) Unnecessary clauses included in the stem of multiple choice questions.

Students can generally respond to these type of questions quite quickly. As a result, they are often used to test student’s knowledge of business vision a broad range of content. Essay. Creating these questions can be time consuming because it is often difficult to generate several plausible distractors. However, they can be marked very quickly. Tips for writing good multiple choice items: Long / complex sentences Trivial statements Negatives and vision, double-negatives Ambiguity or indefinite terms, absolute statements, and broad generalization Extraneous material Item characteristics that provide a clue to the answer misconceptions. Statements too close to the correct answer Completely implausible responses ‘All of the above,’ ‘none of the annotated bibliography apa above’ Overlapping responses (e.g., if ‘A’ is true) Your own words – not statements straight out of the vision statement textbook Single, clearly formulated problems. Plausible and homogeneous distractors Statements based on common student misconceptions True statements that do not answer the questions Short options – and all same length Correct options evenly distributed over A, B, C, etc.

Alternatives that are in logical or numerical then ‘C’ is also true) order At least 3 alternatives. Suggestion : After each lecture during the term, jot down two or three multiple choice questions based on the material for that lecture. Regularly taking a few minutes to compose questions, while the material is fresh in your mind, will allow you to develop a question bank that you can use to free creative, construct tests and exams quickly and business vision statement, easily. True/false questions are only composed of essay tell heart amontillado a statement. Plan Statement. Students respond to the questions by creative writing indicating whether the statement is true or false. For example: True/false questions have only two possible answers (Answer: True). Like multiple choice questions, true/false questions: Are most often used to assess familiarity with course content and to check for popular misconceptions Allow students to respond quickly so exams can use a large number of them to plan statement, test knowledge of a broad range of content Are easy and quick to grade but time consuming to create. True/false questions provide students with a 50% chance of guessing the right answer. For this reason, multiple choice questions are often used instead of brainstorming true/false questions. Tips for writing good true/false items:

Negatives and double-negatives Long / complex sentences Trivial material Broad generalizations Ambiguous or indefinite terms. Your own words The same number of true and business plan vision statement, false statements (50 / 50) or slightly more false statements than true (60/40) – students are more likely to references dissertation, answer true One central idea in business vision each item. Suggestion : You can increase the usefulness of apa style true/false questions by asking students to correct false statements. Students respond to matching questions by pairing each of a set of business vision stems (e.g., definitions) with one of the fcat choices provided on plan the exam. These questions are often used to assess recognition and recall and so are most often used in courses where acquisition of detailed knowledge is an important goal. Critical Bibliography. They are generally quick and easy to business vision, create and mark, but students require more time to essay tell tale, respond to these questions than a similar number of statement multiple choice or true/false items. Example: Match each question type with one attribute:

Multiple Choice a) Only two possible answers True/False b) Equal number of stems and choices Matching c) Only one correct answer but at least three choices. Tips for essay tell tale heart cask, writing good matching items: Long stems and options Heterogeneous content (e.g., dates mixed with people) Implausible responses. Short responses 10-15 items on business vision only one page Clear directions Logically ordered choices (chronological, alphabetical, etc.) Suggestion: You can use some choices more than once in the same matching exercise. It reduces the annotated apa effects of business plan statement guessing. Short answer questions are typically composed of a brief prompt that demands a written answer that varies in dissertation length from one or two words to a few sentences. Plan Vision. They are most often used to test basic knowledge of key facts and terms. An example this kind of short answer question follows: “What do you call an exam format in which students must uniquely associate a set of prompts with a set of options?” Answer: Matching questions. Alternatively, this could be written as a fill-in-the-blank short answer question:

“An exam question in which students must uniquely associate prompts and options is called a. ___________ question.” Answer: Matching. Short answer questions can also be used to test higher thinking skills, including analysis or. evaluation. For example: “Will you include short answer questions on your next exam? Please justify your decision with. two to apa style dissertation, three sentences explaining the business vision factors that have influenced your decision.” Short answer questions have many advantages.

Many instructors report that they are relatively easy to construct and can be constructed faster than multiple choice questions. Brainstorming. Unlike matching, true/false, and plan vision statement, multiple choice questions, short answer questions make it difficult for references unpublished, students to. guess the answer. Short answer questions provide students with more flexibility to explain their understanding and demonstrate creativity than they would have with multiple choice questions; this also means that scoring is relatively laborious and can be quite subjective. Business Plan Vision. Short answer. questions provide more structure than essay questions and essay tell heart cask, thus are often easy and faster to mark and business plan statement, often test a broader range of the unpublished dissertation course content than full essay questions.

Tips for writing good short answer items: Your own words Specific problems Direct questions. Taking out so many words that the sentence is meaningless. Prompts that omit only business, one or two key words at the end of the sentence. Suggestion : When using short answer questions to test student knowledge of definitions consider having a mix of questions, some that supply the term and require the students to provide the definition, and other questions that supply the definition and require that students provide the term. The latter sort of questions can be structured as fill-in-the-blank questions.

This mix of formats will better test student knowledge because it doesn’t rely solely on recognition or recall of the term. Essay questions provide a complex prompt that requires written responses, which can vary in tell tale heart length from plan statement a couple of paragraphs to many pages. Like short answer questions, they provide students with an opportunity to explain their understanding and critical apa, demonstrate creativity, but make it hard for business, students to free, arrive at business vision an acceptable answer by bluffing. They can be constructed reasonably quickly and easily but marking these questions can be time-consuming and grader agreement can be difficult. Essay questions differ from short answer questions in brainstorming that the essay questions are less structured. This openness allows students to demonstrate that they can integrate the business plan course material in fcat dissertation creative ways.

As a result, essays are a favoured approach to test higher levels of cognition including analysis, synthesis and evaluation. However, the requirement that the students provide most of the structure increases the amount of work required to respond effectively. Students often take longer to compose a five paragraph essay than they would take to compose five one paragraph answers to short answer questions. This increased workload limits the number of essay questions that can be posed on a single exam and thus can restrict the overall scope of an exam to a few topics or areas. To ensure that this doesn’t cause students to panic or blank out, consider giving the business plan vision statement option of answering one of two or more questions. Tips for writing good essay items: Complex, ambiguous wording Questions that are too broad to allow time for an in-depth response.

Your own words Words like ‘compare’ or ‘contrast’ at the beginning of the question Clear and unambiguous wording A breakdown of essay marks to make expectations clear Time limits for thinking and writing. Suggestions : Distribute possible essay questions before the exam and plan, make your marking criteria slightly stricter. This gives all students an equal chance to prepare and should improve the quality of the apa style references unpublished dissertation answers – and the quality of learning – without making the exam any easier. Oral examinations allow students to respond directly to the instructor’s questions and/or to present prepared statements. These exams are especially popular in statement language courses that demand ‘speaking’ but they can be used to assess understanding in almost any course by following the guidelines for the composition of short answer questions.

Some of the principle advantages to tell heart, oral exams are that they provide nearly immediate feedback and so allow the student to learn as they are tested. There are two main drawbacks to plan statement, oral exams: the amount of time required and the problem of record-keeping. Oral exams typically take at least ten to tale cask, fifteen minutes per student, even for a midterm exam. As a result, they are rarely used for large classes. Furthermore, unlike written exams, oral exams don’t automatically generate a written record. To ensure that students have access to written feedback, it is recommended that instructors take notes during oral exams using a rubric and/or checklist and provide a photocopy of the notes to the students. In many departments, oral exams are rare.

Students may have difficulty adapting to this new style of assessment. In this situation, consider making the oral exam optional. While it can take more time to prepare two tests, having both options allows students to choose the one which suits them and their learning style best. Computational questions require that students perform calculations in order to solve for an answer. Computational questions can be used to assess student’s memory of solution techniques and their ability to apply those techniques to solve both questions they have attempted before and questions that stretch their abilities by requiring that they combine and use solution techniques in novel ways. Effective computational questions should: Be solvable using knowledge of the key concepts and techniques from the course. Before the exam solve them yourself or get a teaching assistant to attempt the business questions. Indicate the mark breakdown to power vs authority, reinforce the expectations developed in business plan in-class examples for the amount of detail, etc. required for the solution. To prepare students to do computational questions on exams, make sure to critical bibliography apa, describe and plan vision, model in apa style references unpublished class the correct format for the calculations and answer including: How students should report their assumptions and plan, justify their choices The units and degree of precision expected in the answer.

Suggestion : Have students divide their answer sheets into two columns: calculations in tale one, and a list of assumptions, description of process and justification of business plan vision statement choices in the other. This ensures that the marker can distinguish between a simple mathematical mistake and a profound conceptual error and give feedback accordingly. Cunningham, G.K. Dissertation. (1998). Assessment in the Classroom. Bristol, PA: Falmer Press.

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