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Ap psychology essay 1999

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AP Psychology - Learning - Part 1 - Classical Conditioning

Part 1 of review of key ideas in learning and behaviorism. 218-227. We do some practice with figuring out the conditioned and

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Ap psychology essay 1999

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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) How Genetically Modified Foods Affect Our Lives. In recent years, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have replaced our diet with genetically altered foods, which have adversely affected human health as well as local communities. Being resistant to essay 1999, pesticides, GMOs are created by splicing genes of different species that are combined through genetic engineering (GE), something that is happiness in life, impossible to do in essay 1999, nature (The Non-GMO Project). Consuming these genetically altered and more processed foods can lead to increased risk of diseases and even cancer (Genetically Modified Food). Most of the time we do not even realize that we are eating these harmful toxins as they are infused in our food without our knowledge (Label GMOs). Writing Essay Practice Test? The farmers that maintain the traditional farming practices and choose to grow organic produce over essay crops that are GE are constantly trying to keep their businesses alive. Dissertation? Larger corporations, however, who choose to use genetically modified (GM) seeds, make larger profits with less time and effort involved. Choosing to buy local organic produce over crops that contain genetically modified organisms can not only 1999, help you stay healthy, but also keep our local farmers in business so that they may continue to grow their crops the way nature intended. Living in the Bay Area we are extremely fortunate to have access to all sorts of organic fruits and vegetables that are grown right in our own backyard.

There are countless farms in California that can grow just about anything due to the fertile soil and ideal weather conditions. While we are lucky to live in an area that is well known for writing, growing a variety of crops, corporations and their GMOs are starting to, if they have not already, take over. In the United States there are nine crops that are currently commercialized and ap psychology essay 1999 sold to consumers. These include soy, in on law, which 89 percent of the ap psychology 1999, total soy crop is GM, cotton (83 percent), canola (75 percent), corn (60 percent), Hawaiian papaya (more than 50 percent), alfalfa, zucchini, and yellow squash. Even some tobacco has been GM (Smith, “Genetic Roulette” 258). Since corn can be manipulated and extended+essay+the+color+purple injected into ap psychology 1999, virtually any food product, the thought of GM corn is even scarier.

That’s not all; the United States is the only other country besides Canada that does not require GMOs to be labeled on the packaging (Label GMOs). This means that we are consuming even more GMOs than we realize. Some foods that we ingest on a daily basis that contain GM ingredients are dairy products food additives such as enzymes and flavorings, meat, eggs, honey, and pollen in the air contain traces of GM materials (Smith, “Genetic Roulette” 258). The harsh reality is extended+essay+the+color+purple, that even if we are conscious about ap psychology essay what we eat and try to stay away from processed foods, even the industry, air we breathe contains GMOs! Now that I have introduced GMO’s, I want to explain the health risks associated with these types of ap psychology essay 1999 foods. Although GMOs were only introduced in 1996, the side effects can already be seen: there have been increased allergic reactions, antibiotic resistant bacteria and other toxic hazards (Safe Food). On Law? While these side effects of ap psychology 1999 GMOs may seem minuscule in happiness is important in life essay, the grand scheme of 1999 things, the lasting affects can be much more drastic. More and more children are having life-threatening allergies, which can be contributed to extended+essay+the+color+purple, increased GMO intake. Already 37 people have died from ap psychology essay 1999 side effects of GMOs, 1,500 partially paralyzed and 5,000 were temporarily handicapped by essay test chemicals used in harvesting GMOs (Smith, “Genetic Roulette” 258).

These numbers do not include the number of children that have been born with birth defects associated with the chemical, glyphosate. This chemical alone can cause infertility, stillbirths, miscarriages and cancers (The Ecologist). Researchers found that glyphosate “caused malformations in frog and chicken embryos that were similar to human birth defects found in GM soy-producing areas. In particular, the researchers found malformations of the head and cyclopia (where a single eye is present in the centre of the forehead)” (The Ecologist). Essentially, GMOs could cause babies to be born as the one-eyed monsters we read about in fairytales. Seeing that GMO’s have only been deemed “safe” for human consumption for a little over 15 years and there have been no long-term studies performed on humans, the changes in animal fetuses mirror the growth of human babies.

With prolonged exposure to GMOs the data concerning the side effects is only to increase as we continue to eat GMOs without considered the effects they can have on ap psychology essay, our bodies and procreation of future generations. While effects may be only starting to surface amongst humans, tests on term paper industry, animals have been going on for a longer period of time. As a result, animals have been suffering because of the health complications brought on 1999, by GMOs. Jeffrey M. Term Paper Industry? Smith, a leader in promoting healthier non-GMO food choices, writes in the introduction to his book, Genetic Roulette about the essay 1999, many side effects of GMOs that were displayed during animal testing: Lab animals tested with GM foods had stunted growth, impaired immune systems, bleeding stomachs, abnormal and potentially cancerous cell growth in the intestines, impaired blood cell development, misshapen cell structures in the liver, pancreas, and testicles, altered gene expression and cell metabolism, liver and kidney lesions, partially atrophied livers, inflamed kidneys, less developed brains and testicles, enlarged livers, pancreases, and essays papers quickstudy academic intestines reduced digestive enzymes, higher blood sugar, inflamed lung tissue, increased death rates and higher offspring mortality. (Smith, “Genetic Roulette” 5) Looking at the results of GMOs on animals demonstrates how consuming these mutations can lead to serious health risks. Essay? So not only are most body parts affected, the animal’s lifespans are shortened and their offspring have a lower chance of survival. & Term Papers Quickstudy Academic? If this were any indication as to how humans will be affected after long-term exposure to GMOs, then I would not want to eat something that could harm my bodily organs, endanger my life and the lives of 1999 any future children. As shocking as the statistics about animals are, even more so is the potential for increased chances of disease and cancerous cells to produce.

Cancer is a disease that is caused by a lack of vitamins and the poisonous chemical substances found in happiness is important in life, our food (Nacci 25). By adding more chemicals to our foods, chances of developing the ap psychology 1999, degenerative disease only increase. An Italian physician named Giuseppe Nacci confirms this idea by explaining how the changes of our composition can increase our chances for disease: “The delicate biochemical balance of the human race depends on plant species remaining integral, just as evolution created them, because the health of every one of us is based on the biochemical human cell…through the dissertation on law, complexity of the essay, DNA, on the use of writing essay test thousands of vitamins and of the herbal-chemical compounds present in essay, nature” (Nacci 25). By changing the biochemical balance within our bodies by consuming GMOs we are ultimately adding harmful toxins. Nacci continues by acknowledging “the majority of genes used in GE come from living species which have never been a part of the human food chain and actually come from the DNA not of plants but of animals, bacteria or viruses and/or transgenic retroviruses” (Nacci 26). Writing Practice Test? These modifications can cause irreparable damage though a balanced diet of organic foods that have not been genetically changed we can return to a diet that have kept us alive and ap psychology 1999 well for centuries.

Adding genes, chemicals and other harmful toxins can only negatively hurt our normal bodily functions and increase our chances of developing more serious diseases in the future. Despite how much healthier organically grown food is for our bodies, many farms are losing business to term industry, larger companies who support GM crops. For example, corporations like Delta Pine Land Co. developed a gene cleverly called the “Terminator gene.” What this means is that the “gene causes a plant to effectively commit suicide, by essay 1999 producing a sterile seed” (Arkansas Times) and cannot be used again for the next planting season. This benefits the companies that sell the dissertation on law, seeds as at the end of each season; farmers must purchase new seeds. While the GM seeds are sold at a lower price than other seeds, because they cannot be used for the next planting season, the cost of essay 1999 these cheaper seeds increase over time. This means even more money comes out of the 2014, farmers’ pockets. By not being able to save the seeds from the previous year, farmers struggle to essay, keep their farms alive and term paper have no way of returning to the organic farming they had done previously.

Once a GM crop is planted on ap psychology, a farm, or even someplace nearby, there is dissertation, always the constant threat of cross pollination resulting in unwanted and unnecessary trouble with large corporations who own the patent: “You will be sued. Essay? Even though you did nothing intentionally wrong, the courts (based on rulings so far) will side with the big business. Your seed stores will be destroyed. You will go bankrupt. Or you’ll settle, at a significant financial lose” (Arkansas Times). Even farms that chose not to use GM seeds are under the constant threat of the larger corporations taking over their business.

No matter which way farmers turn, they are faced with the writing essay, troubles of GMOs whether they want to grow them, or not. While some may argue that only a small number of GMO crops are commercialized for human consumption, there are countless more on the list than one may think. According to Jared Diamond in his book, Collapse , he claims that “virtually all GM crop production at essay present is of just four crops (soybeans, corn, canola, and cotton) not eaten directly by on law humans but used for animal fodder, oil, or clothing” (508). Ap Psychology Essay? Using the word directly implies that down the dissertation on law, line we are exposed to the GMOs present in these products. For example, humans digest the ap psychology 1999, animals that have been in contact with GMOs, which results in happiness in life, exposure.

We use canola oil in cooking and wear clothes daily, meaning even more contact with the unsafe toxins. Ap Psychology? Some scientists attempt to argue that GMOs are perfectly safe for human feasting, more and more data surfaces claiming otherwise. Many GM crops “contain its own built-in pesticides…when bugs take a bite of the GM plant, the toxins split open their stomach and happiness is important essay kill them” (Smith, “Genetically Modified Food Is Not Safe 18). With this in ap psychology essay 1999, mind, we ingest these “safe” crops every single day despite their ability to kill other living things from the inside out. Those that argue for GMOs insisting that they are safe to eat should consider the negative effects of the food and reevaluate their position on term paper, GMOs. As a part of a solution to eliminate the 1999, intake of GMOs, I propose that GMOs be labeled along with the nutritional values. Presently, the United States is one of the few countries left that does not require GMOs to dissertation, be labeled (Label GMOs).

However, in a 2007 poll, only 11 percent of participants said that they would knowingly eat GMOs while most of the others would try to avoid the mutations (Lapudus 31). Ap Psychology? If we were to label GMOs on writing practice test, the nutritional label found on all food products, we would be able to see what food we eat on a daily basis and decrease our intake of essay GMOs for the sake of extended+essay+the+color+purple our health. Ap Psychology 1999? Groups such as “California’s Right to college contests, Know” are petitioning for essay 1999, the labeling of GMOs to essays papers quickstudy, be a requirement for ap psychology essay, all food products so that shoppers can be cautious of what foods they buy and make more informed decisions. By knowing exactly what we are eating, we can make more informed choices about our food, which can only prolong our health. In order to look forward to term paper industry, a long and healthy future, we need to ap psychology 1999, focus on local farmers who still choose to grow their crops the “natural way.” Foods that are grown organically have shown to be beneficial for our bodies because they contain vitamins and minerals that are not combined with chemicals which dilute their effectiveness (Hinduism Today). In his article “The land ethic,” Aldo Leopold writes, “the conquering role is eventually self-defeating” (23). As we attempt to conquer the extended+essay+the+color+purple, food industry by imposing our own rules on 1999, how to generate food, we are essentially going to defeat ourselves at our own game. Rather than creating foods that contain GMOs, we should focus more on the naturally occurring wonders that nature has performed for millions of years.

Shiv Visvanathan writes, “that nature was not just an object of experiment or a source but a part of a way of college 2014 life” (152). Nature is a way of life, something that is not to ap psychology 1999, be manipulated or changed. Organic farmers are an excellent example of people who decided to work with nature, rather than against it. Another way we can take a stand against college essay contests GMOs is by supporting farmers that continue to grow food organically. In an interview with Nancy Gammons, who works with Four Sisters Farm in Colorado says in essay, response to why they grow their produce organically that, “First of all, it’s healthy! Anything that is test, toxic enough to kill one living thing will do harm to all living things. Ap Psychology Essay 1999? As a farm we have chosen to term paper industry, do as little harm as possible” (Gammons). Inspired by J. I. Essay? Rodale, who was an advocator for & term papers, organic food, the farm tries to ap psychology essay 1999, refrain from using pesticides whenever possible. Rodale’s “agricultural methods and health benefits of growing food without synthetic chemicals” (Pollan 142) are said to be what started the quickstudy, organic revolution and Four Sisters Farms wishes to keep that dream alive.

If we support farms who’s purpose is to 1999, be as sustainable as possible, we are doing our part to eliminate GMOs because organic farms are able to continuing growing their produce and & term quickstudy academic stay in business. Ap Psychology 1999? By supporting these farms they do not have to fall victim to large corporations who “by their nature, are always trying to take more market share, therefore taking from smaller businesses” (Gammons). Farmers that are sucked into extended+essay+the+color+purple, corporations with the promise of making money struggle to escape the debt they accrue by the end of the next planting season. Ap Psychology? Purchasing food that is grown locally and without the use of GMOs, we can preserve the businesses that still choose to grow their food the natural way while also increasing our lifespan and overall health. One way to become more aware of what we consume is by downloading an term paper, application on your smartphone that helps you locate and avoid products that contain GM ingredients. The app is called “True Food Shoppers Guide” and is compatible with iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads and Android phones. The app is extremely easy to essay, use and offers information about the extended+essay+the+color+purple, products that contain GMOs as well as tips on how to avoid them.

Products that do not contain any GMOs are also listed so that customers can decide between two different brands that are similar but differ in GMO content. The “Four Simple Tips” feature tells the buyer how to avoid GMOs in any product they choose to buy. For those who are unable to download the app, there is a printable version available so that even those with less familiarity with technology can still be informed (The True Food Network). By making the ap psychology essay 1999, information more accessible to the general public, more awareness can be spread about the foods we consume and how we can avoid GMOs. Now what should we do with all of this information? GMOs have not been adequately tested on humans and is just one of the many reasons why they should not be consumed. Writing Essay? With their long list of side effects that are present in animals, soon enough humans will be affected as well. Taking a stand against ap psychology essay 1999 GMOs is key.

If we want local farmers to essay, continue growing their crops without genetic mutations, we need to ap psychology essay, support them by buying their produce rather than a brand name. Not only extended+essay+the+color+purple, does buying locally grown produce healthier, but also gives promise that the healthy food you are purchasing will still be available for years to come. Although the pricing may differ, you are paying for the quality of the food and ap psychology essay essentially, your quality of life. GMOs were not meant to be consumed and conflict with our body’s natural biochemical balance. By consuming GMOs you are putting your own life at risk. It’s your body and only you can decide what to industry, put in it. “Adoption of ap psychology essay 1999 Genetically Engineered Crops in the U.S.” ERS/USDA Data . Web. 12 May 2012. In Life Essay?

“A Collaborative Initiative Working to Ensure the Sustained Availability of Non-GMO Options.” The Non-GMO Project . Web. 06 May 2012. “Dangers of Genetic Engineering in Agriculture.” Dangers of Genetic Engineering?Campaign for Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food . Web. 30 Apr. 2012.

Diamond, Jared M. Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed . New York: Penguin, 2011. Print. Gammons, Nancy. “Four Sisters Farm.” E-mail interview. 30 Apr. 2012. “Label GMOs-California Committee For The Right to Know.” LabelGMOs . Ap Psychology Essay 1999? Web. 03 May 2012. Lapidus, Jennifer. “Genetically Modified Food Should Be Labeled.” Genetically Modified Food . Detroit: Greenhaven, 2009. Dissertation On Law? 31-36.

Print. Leopold, Aldo. “The Land Ethic.” The Environmental Responsibility Reader . London: Zed, 2009. Essay? 22-27. Print. Nacci, Giuseppe. Essays & Term Papers Quickstudy? “Genetically Modified Food Can Cause Disease.” Genetically Modified Food . Detroit: Greenhaven, 2009. 24-30. Print. “Organic Foods.” : Understanding Organic Food Labels, Benefits, and Claims . Web. 04 May 2012.

Pollan, Michael. The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of ap psychology essay 1999 Four Meals . New York: Penguin, 2006. Print. “Revealed: The Glyphosate Research the GM Soy Lobby Doesn’t Want You to college 2014, Read.” The Ecologist . Web. 12 May 2012. Essay? Schonwald, Josh. The Taste of Tomorrow: Dispatches from the Future of Food . New York: Harper, 2012.

Print. Shiva, Vandana. “Golden Rice: When Science Goes Awry.” Hinduism Today Apr 30 2001: 58-. Alt-PressWatch; Ethnic NewsWatch. Web. 30 Apr. 2012 . Shiva, Vandana. Manifestos on the Future of Food Seed . College Essay 2014? Cambridge, MA: South End, 2007. Print. Smith, Jeffrey M. Genetically Modified Food Is Not Safe . Ap Psychology Essay 1999? Genetically Modified Food . Detroit: Greenhaven, 2009.

Print. Smith, Jeffrey M. Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods . Fairfield, IA: Yes!, 2007. Print. “The True Food Network.” The True Food Network . Web. 04 May 2012. Is Important? Visvanathan, Shiv. “Knowledge, Justice and Democracy.” The Environmental Responsibility Reader . London: Zed, 2009. 1999? 150-58.

Print. “Which Foods Contain GMOs? | NW Resistance Against Genetic Engineering.” NW Resistance Against Genetic Engineering . Web. 04 May 2012. Whitworth, Katherine. “Arkansas Times.” Arkansas News, Politics, Opinion, Restaurants, Music, Movies and Art . Web. 04 May 2012. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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50 Inspiring Resume Designs: And What You Can Learn From Them. Your resume or CV may be one of the most important projects you ever design. It can make or break job applications, open doors to new careers, make a great (or dismal) first impression. When you send out ap psychology essay, your resume, you’re really sending out a piece of yourself. Extended+essay+the+color+purple? So make sure it’s representing you to ap psychology 1999 your best advantage. Just like how you dress your best for an interview, it’s important to give your resume the same treatment — to make sure it’s polished and presentable. The 50 resume designs below span a wide range of styles, from extended+essay+the+color+purple strictly businesslike to ap psychology ultra creative — browse through them to get some ideas for updating your own resume. Designing your own is easy with our wide collection of test, beautiful resume templates.

Click the image to see more resume templates. Starting off your resume strong with a bold header, like in this design by Shed Labs for Loft Resumes, draws attention to your name and makes it more memorable. You can also include a few keywords or descriptors under your name that sum up who you are as a candidate. Essay 1999? This chessboard-style layout is paper industry certainly striking, giving each category its own distinct space. But Mikha Makhoul’s resume is still somewhat subdued thanks to the simple black-and-white color scheme; it doesn’t sacrifice professionalism for visual interest. Some well-placed shadows can make your resume pop, literally — giving it a 3D appearance and creating the illusion of depth.

Errol Veloso explains how he chose the colors of ap psychology, his design purposefully: blue to symbolize his creative side and red to symbolize his analytic side. Essay Contests? Try using shapes and essay, frames for emphasis. Contests 2014? You can experiment with geometric shapes (circles, squares, rectangles), ribbons, or solid or dashed lines. Here, Michael Long frames his name and essay, his role to help them stand out. A cohesive color scheme of cool blues and minty hues gives this information-packed, infographic-style resume by Joseph Acena a visual theme and an orderly, coordinated look. Using a horizontal orientation (instead of the college traditional vertical format) immediately gives your resume an edge in terms of attracting attention. Other strong points of ap psychology essay 1999, this design by Justin Schueler include a balanced, un-crowded layout and plenty of negative space. There seems to be a trend, at essays quickstudy academic least in industries where you can take some risks with your resume, to essay 1999 forget the stuffy business lingo and show that there’s a human behind the extended+essay+the+color+purple piece of paper. Using a more conversational tone, as David Elgena has done with his “Hello, nice to meet you.

Here’s a little about me” header at the top of 1999, this resume, may help you create rapport with the person who’s reviewing your application before you even meet them. This resume by term industry, Kyle Robertson features a custom crest with Kyle’s name and a catchy tagline. Creating a distinctive personal brand or style for yourself (such as a personal logo, a color scheme, a nice selection of fonts, etc.) gives your work an extra sheen of professionalism (and an opportunity to show off your abilities). Plus, once you put the work in, this “brand” is essay 1999 something you can use over and over again — on letterhead, business cards, social media profiles, you name it. For a unique take on dissertation on law, traditional resume colors, try light text on a dark background, as Abdullah Al Mamun has done here. Just make sure that your font is weighty enough to be easily readable and not get lost against the background. This clean resume by Patrick Rogan uses a bright splash of color and essay 1999, whittles down the information to in life essay only the essay 1999 basics (skills and past positions). Icons in the skills section provide a visual reference that still complements the simplistic style. Printing your resume on textured paper can give an impression of writing essay practice, quality, craftsmanship, or luxury. Ap Psychology? If a color other than white seems inappropriate for your industry, try a white or cream-colored paper with a slight texture for an ultra-professional, upscale look.

This example by S.N. Carter, printed on a recycled or kraft-style paper, gives the resume a custom, hand-printed feel. When applying for a position where a more creative approach isn’t appropriate, it’s always a safe bet to opt for a simple, text-based resume with clean fonts. Here, Frank Schamhart has embellished his resume slightly with minimal use of an extended+essay+the+color+purple accent color and a small personal portrait. If you’re after a job in the arts or some other highly visual industry, make your resume a mini portfolio like illustrator Rianti Hidayat has done here. Bradley Brooks keeps his resume businesslike with a classic black-and-white color scheme, but livens things up with a modular layout and a personal logo. Infographic-style resumes have become popular, and they can be effective when done well. Essay? But they should be more than a collection of pretty pictures; the images should, at a glance, tell something about happiness in life, you and complement or enhance the text, like in ap psychology essay 1999, this resume design by Rachel Winter. Term Paper Industry? If you’re seeking work in essay, an industry where appearance is important, or the job has asked you to include a portrait, try integrating it into your resume. It doesn’t have to be the center of attention, though — you can make it a bit more subtle by using a small picture or placing it behind a colored screen, like in Egotype’s resume template.

Mailing out some resumes? Make opening yours up a memorable experience, like Amber Van Mieghem has done with this clever folding resume. Wishing you could infuse a little creativity into your plain, corporate resume? Try a monogram with your initials, like Bill Mawhinney has done for this resume template. It adds a little style while still keeping the dissertation on law overall presentation very businesslike. Essay 1999? You can use the dissertation same graphic on 1999, your cover letter to give your application a polished, pulled-together look. If you have some creative leeway in creating your resume, using a non-rectangular shape will be sure to happiness is important in life essay attract attention, like John Mujica’s round resume does here. If you do format your resume in any unusual shape, just make sure all the text is readable. You’ve only got one name.

Make it memorable. 1999? If it’s unique, highlight it. Make it big and bold, like Fredrik Andresen did on his resume. Give the hiring manager something to essay zero in on. Your font choices can change the whole character of your resume. Ap Psychology? For instance, the rounded fonts with soft edges that Louis Omari has used for his resume have a more casual, friendly feel than sharper, serif fonts might have. Need to show your qualifications on the run?

Post your resume online and make it mobile-friendly, like Julien Renvoye has done. You can include your resume on your personal website or even post it to networking platforms like LinkedIn. Use blocks of color and/or lines to separate different sections of your resume, give it structure, and make it easy to navigate visually. This template from Beautiful Resumes features vibrant colors, but you could just as easily get the extended+essay+the+color+purple same effect with a more subtle color scheme. If you’re going the infographic route, think of effective ways that you can use different types of graphs to essay represent your skills, experience, or background, like Martin Suster did here. Organizing your resume with columns, like this three-column layout Anton Yermolov used, keeps the information tidy, creates clear divisions between sections, and helps you keep everything sharply aligned. Use a sidebar in is important in life essay, your resume to call attention to extra (or extra important) information that you want to highlight. Here, Ola Hamdy used a colored sidebar to separate her personal and contact information from essay her educational and dissertation on law, professional details.

Although this resume design is text-heavy, Gershom Charig mixes things up with a two-color scheme and a word cloud to creatively represent the breadth of his skills and experience. Similar in function to the word cloud above, various sizes of circles represent Silviu Schiau’s proficiency in various areas, such as management and design. Ap Psychology Essay 1999? The size of the circles corresponds with his amount of experience — a fresh way to essays papers quickstudy academic illustrate core competencies. Give the person looking at your resume an excuse to find out more about you. Including a link to your website or portfolio (or even a QR code, as Krysten Newby has done here) acts as a good prompt. If your job history includes working for big companies with recognizable logos, feature them on your resume. 1999? Tamas Leb has included space to dissertation do so on this resume template, and essay 1999, it makes an impressive statement, even at a glance. For creative resumes, a theme can give you a starting point to build a one-of-a-kind design and think about innovative ways to & term papers quickstudy academic present your information.

Here, Peter Kisteman’s laboratory theme makes a strong visual statement and gives his artistic background a scientific, experimental dimension. Essay? Putting your resume in a folder or other kind of holder gives you more space to showcase your experience and accomplishments, plus the extra tactile feature makes it memorable, as with this design from S1M. The vertical timeline on extended+essay+the+color+purple, the outside offers an ap psychology essay immediate visual representation of the candidate’s career history. College Essay 2014? This traditional black, white, and gray design by 1999, Brice Seraphin brightens up quite nicely with some turquoise as an dissertation on law accent. This can be done with any color (and you may want to tone it down depending on your industry), but vibrant hues have particular impact. Besides being another nice example of using an accent color, this design by Adam Rozmus keeps things clean and ap psychology essay, simple, showing that resumes don’t have to be fancy to make a good impression. Happiness Essay? If competition is stiff, try standing out with a resume package that gives you some space to demonstrate your abilities, develop a personal brand, and include more information than the limited area of ap psychology essay 1999, a one-page resume allows for. Extended+essay+the+color+purple? Here, Sabrae Precure uses a distinct color scheme and custom illustrations to stand out from the essay crowd. This resume by term, Gabriel Valdivia combines a traditional format (the typical positions, dates, and short descriptions) with pictorial elements that provide a more personal touch. As if to say that a normal paper resume just won’t cut it, Alison Root got clever with her resume presentation, which demonstrates that she thinks outside the essay 1999 box.

This sample resume from Rahul Chakraborty features bold typography and bright colors for & term quickstudy, a high-impact look that will make people take notice. There may be times when it’s ok to let your sense of humor shine through in your resume; it makes you more relatable, more likable. For instance, check out the pronunciation guide Nick Iannuccilli provided for his difficult last name. Using a border is a good way to add a little bit of ap psychology, color to your resume, as Evelien Callens has done here, without worrying about looking unprofessional. Essay Practice? Stylistically, this design is ap psychology essay 1999 a good compromise between customary and more creative resumes. Happiness Is Important? The two-color, mostly traditional layout uses graphic elements sparingly but purposefully. As a nice touch, Dan Hernandez has branded his cover letter with the same style, which is a smart idea if your job application involves submitting multiple documents.

Sometimes you have to do what you can to get noticed. For an ap psychology essay 1999 illustrator like Lucia Paul, hand-drawing her resume is both appropriate for her industry and gives her a standout way to display her skills. Big, bold typography, a high-contrast color scheme, and a well-organized presentation all combine to make sure Joao Andrade’s resume gets looked at. No long-winded explanations of job roles here. Just the term industry essentials — enough to get someone interested in wanting to essay 1999 know more about Gianina Santiago and her background. Clean, sans-serif fonts, relatively little text, and lots of white space give Maxat Malbekov’s resume a sleek look that’s easy to achieve if you condense your resume down to only the most relevant information. If you have a lot of industry, information you need to 1999 fit on one page, take a tip from paper industry this design by Halle Rasco and use easy-to-read fonts and 1999, clear headings for on law, each section. Need to keep your resume fairly conservative?

A two-column layout with a businesslike blue-gray accent color gives this otherwise traditional resume from ResumeBaker some extra interest. Ap Psychology Essay 1999? Syril Bobadilla’s illustrations are whimsical and kid-friendly, and extended+essay+the+color+purple, her resume reflects that style. Notice how she also created matching business cards for a cohesive personal brand. Even if your industry doesn’t allow as much creative expression as someone in the arts, you can express your personality in more subtle ways, like through font choices or an ap psychology essay accent color. Resumes don’t always have to read from left to right, top to bottom. You can play with the layout of your resume to make the best and most visually interesting use of the space you have available, like Milena Filipova has done here. On Law? You can use a grid structure to organize your resume and essay, make it easier to term industry navigate, similarly to how Orlando Silva designed this template. If applicable, you might also try including some pieces from your portfolio right on the resume (so your abilities are on display at first glance). As you can see from the ap psychology essay examples above, there are many approaches you can take to designing your resume. But no matter what style or format you choose, there are a few things you want to make sure to get right: Readable text Industry-appropriate style (if unsure, play it safe with a conservative design.) Updated and accurate information No spelling/grammar errors. Writing Practice Test? Now it#8217;s your turn.

Put these skills into action! Bring great design to essay your entire workplace. Janie is a freelance writer and graphic designer and the owner of Design Artistree Creative Studio. After college, she built on her background in essay, art to 1999 explore design. and term paper industry, loved it. Now, she enjoys finding ways to ap psychology essay combine the essay test craftsmanship of traditional fine arts with the digital possibilities of graphic design. Ap Psychology? Design The Perfect Google+ Banner Image With Tips And E. 50 Unique and Engaging About Us Pages to Inspire You.

These Are Some of dissertation on law, The Most Beautiful Album Covers We#8. Graphic Design From Around the World: Spanish Design. 60 Free Outline Icon Sets Perfect for Contemporary Desi. 60 Free Fonts for Minimalist Designs. Ap Psychology Essay 1999? 50 Free Headline Fonts Built For Impact And Audience En. 50 Beautiful Free Wallpapers For Creatives [2015 Editio.

50 Design Terms Explained Simply For Non-Designers. The 30 Best Free Social Media Icon Sets of 2015. On Law? 100 Brilliant Color Combinations and How to Apply Them . Free Icons: 49 Best Sites To Find Beautiful And Useful . 60 Awesome Free Tools To Create A Visual Marketing Camp. Ap Psychology Essay 1999? Free Stock Photos: 73 Best Sites To Find Awesome Free I. & Term Papers? You're almost there! You’ll receive an essay email soon to confirm your subscription. Empowering the world to design.

Get your dream job! Design a resume to impress using Canva#8217;s amazingly simple drag-and-drop design tool.

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case studies on adhd U.S. kids are, by far, the most drugged kids in the world. How many of our kids are being drugged? The number would shock any objective observer with disbelief: Between 13 million to 16 million kids at any given moment. The vast, vast majority of these drugs are cocaine-class amphetamines, methamphetamines, antipsychotics, deadly neuroleptics, mind-altering anti-depressants, and essay 1999 powerful sedatives. Kids in incarceration are drugged at contests, extremely high rates, while kids in foster parent programs are drugged more than four times as often as kids who live in 1999 their own homes. According to investigative reports, thousands of kids are restrained or held down on the floor while being forced to take drugs that will modify their behavior, stunt their development, and start them on the pathway to mental health problems that can last a lifetime.

The list of such atrocities is as real as it is disgusting. Suicides, suicide-ideation, and homicides are many times higher in this group AFTER they have been forced into paper dependence on these drugs. No matter what conflict-of-interest research shows, substance abuse in this group is several times higher than in ap psychology the non-drugged kids. The most common type of in life, drug forced on these kids are extremely addictive and essay 1999 mind-altering ADHD stimulants that are also sold on the street, where they are injected, snorted, and abused just like their illegal counterparts. Their effects occur on the same brain receptors as cocaine. The results, in time, are the same. Once dependent on these so-called medications, unbelievable, excruciating violence, both privately and publicly, occurs during withdrawal. Interaction with high caffeine intake is rampant, yet virtually ignored in labeling. Almost every single case of extreme youth violence since the on law, Columbine Massacre has involved these drugs in some way.

An estimated two thousand kids have died in ap psychology incidents related to these drugs, since they were brought to market. Uncountable hearts have been damaged, physical growth stunted, emergency room visits required, mental development delayed, and extended+essay+the+color+purple permanent neurological damage are found in the wake of kids being forced on these drugs, all the way down to 18 months of age. Essay. The more mentally underdeveloped (e.g., autistic spectrum kids) the more these senseless drugs are administered. The cascade often looks like this: Johnny takes his ADHD Psychostimulant as ordered. After he cannot can't sleep for days afterwards, he is given a sedative to make him sleepy. When his body's nervous system adapts to the stimulant, and his mind is now clouded with the sedative, he begins plunging into depression, and happiness is important in life essay is given an ostensibly safe SSRI/SNRI anti-depressant. until that terrible time he is diagnosed bi-polar, psychotic, or other troubling mental condition. As motor problems develop, he is then prescribed a neuroleptic or antipsychotic, and develops dyskinesia and other terrible side effects reminiscent with (young) Parkinson's. Dependency becomes a never-ending treadmill. This is the beginning of a life of polypharmacy-created pathologies.

Granted, this example is among the extreme, but the crime is essay 1999, that it happens, albeit legally, and happiness is important especially if he is a ward of the State. Thankfully, the vast majority of kids recognize (and fear) the way they feel while on these drugs, and usually do not comply long enough to 1999 go the entire cascade. But some, especially those in foster care or in industry the juvenile justice system where such drugs are routinely court-ordered, are not so fortunate. They become the most abused victims in this terrible collusion between education, government agencies, medicine, and essay 1999 Big Pharma. Following are two true stories, both with tragic outcomes. They begin with the essay practice, same note from the school stating that their boy could not go back to class until he was on his prescription. In truth, their names are many, even millions of 1999, others, who experienced a similar fate:

Ten-year-old Robbie awoke thinking about the essay, fun he was going to have at school with all those kids to play with on essay the playground, when his mother walked-in and said, Now, Robbie, take your pill or they won't let you go to happiness in life school today. Ap Psychology Essay. In her hand was one of essay contests, those little white pills called Ritalin (methylphenidate). Ap Psychology. Robbie's parents had been sent a note from the school nurse saying that Robbie had attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) according to the teacher's Behavioral Checklist. A simple call to the family doctor got the prescription called into the corner pharmacy, sight unseen. But, Mom, groaned Robbie, in protest, Those pills make me feel weird. I don't like how I feel with them, scrunching up his face in obvious objection.

Sorry, son, but the principal made me promise, as Mom handed the pill and a glass of water to Robbie. She pushed it all out in front of the whining boy again and in life essay he got the message that there was no use arguing with Mom. So, he quickly changed his tune and ap psychology essay said, almost cheerily, OK taking the dreaded medication and glass of water from his mother's hands. Is Important Essay. But there was something about the essay, boy's sudden OK that concerned Mom. So, she feigned being busy doing other things while Robbie proceeded to take a sip of the water and, when he thought she was not looking, quietly spit out the essay, pill into ap psychology 1999 the trash compactor. Little did Robbie know that Mom saw the stunt and was ready to counter his evasion by having him take another Ritalin, crushing it with a spoon and stirring it into his bowl of term paper industry, Fruit Loops.

But little did Mom know that Robbie saw that slick maneuver, and after a few bites of his favorite cereal--carefully draining the milk from each teaspoon of cereal--he quietly placed the bowl down on the floor under his chair, so that his 12-pound puppy would happily lap up the remainder. However, neither Mom nor Robbie had to acknowledge awareness of each other's evasive maneuvers, until one normally playful but floppy pup became a hyperkinetic whirlwind of energy running in circles and slamming into walls and ap psychology essay doors. Finally, the writing essay test, pepped-up puppy ran straight through a pane of glass of the French doors that led out onto the patio. Unfazed by shards of glass imbedded in his face and tears that hid the bleeding, the whirlwind pup ran and ap psychology essay ran and industry ran in ever-shrinking circles. Robbie had to ap psychology essay get to school. Helplessly looking out the & term papers, French doors, he wanted so much to stick around to see if his puppy would slow down. Ap Psychology. But Mom, who at this point thought the pup had been stung by a bee or some other invasion, shouted, It's time for school, Robbie! Now get your ackpack and go. Practice Test. I'll take care of the puppy. Ap Psychology. But Mom. On Law. his voice trailing off as he hung his head and marched out the front door toward school.

When school was out, Robbie skipped all the way home, happy as lark that he got to play with the ap psychology essay, kids, his teacher didn't give him a hard time, and essay he didn't get in trouble all day. without any help from that pesky pill! He ran to the front door and burst through the house with gusto. Ap Psychology 1999. Mom, I'm hungry. Do you have any cookies? But Mom was not in the house to hear his pitiful plea. He looked around, saw Dad replacing the broken pane and remembered his little pup's plight that morning.

Where's Mom? Dad gave a grim expression and motioned with a nod of his head toward the backyard. There was Mom, chasing a non-stop puppy that made the Energizer bunny look like a slouch. Dad, how long has the puppy been running around like that? Well, son, you should know. Essays & Term Papers Quickstudy Academic. He's been running like that since you put your cereal bowl down under your chair. Essay 1999. Robbie wasn't too happy about writing essay practice test that, but now he felt terrible that his puppy was still running just as he was that morning before school---not slowing down for one second. Mom was finally able to catch the puppy, and held his shaking body in her arms, its heart beating a mile-a-minute.

She tried to give it a warm bath, but he kept slipping right through her hands, sloshing water from one end of the house to the other. Essay 1999. Shaking off the water was as violent as a hundred sprinklers going off at once. Dad came to the rescue--holding him tighter in a vice-grip for a quick bath. But the puppy would not quit shivering and shaking. All we can do now is try to get him to drink some water, find a safe place for him to sleep through the night and dissertation take him the vet in essay 1999 the morning. Next morning, everyone peeked into extended+essay+the+color+purple the laundry room that was lined with old blankets and a spilled bowl of water, hoping to ap psychology see a puppy lying down all tuckered out. But instead they were greeted with a squeaking, shivering pup that couldn't be calmed down. As Dad carried the still shivering, but now-wheezing pup in his arms into the vet's front room, he could barely contain himself, We don't know what to do. our puppy got into dissertation some our boy's medication. he has been running in circles. we can't calm him down. can you help? The vet assistant took the puppy and, as she hurried down the hall, said, I'll be back in ap psychology essay a minute! Minutes turned to hours as Dad sat there waiting.

Robbie was at school; Mom didn't want to see what happened next, so Dad came alone. Writing. Sir, I have some bad news for you. Ap Psychology Essay 1999. Your puppy is having cardiac arrest. Extended+essay+the+color+purple. We are going to have to ap psychology essay 1999 put him to sleep, because he is not going to extended+essay+the+color+purple recover. Is there nothing you can do? Dad asked, feeling helpless. Ap Psychology Essay 1999. Well, his lungs are full of essays & term papers quickstudy academic, fluid, he has several broken ribs and infection has already set in.

Really, we have no choice. Dad hung his head and muttered for ap psychology essay, them to go ahead and essays & term papers quickstudy do what needed to be done to put the puppy out of his misery. Then, he went home, the bearer of bad news. Dad couldn't save the puppy. All the essay 1999, way home, Dad could not help but have one recurring thought: If a mere half or less of one of those little pills could do this to a good-sized pup, what does taking an entire pill taken twice a day do to their 90-pound 10-year old son? Death as a Result Long-term Psychostimulant Use. It is estimated that between 3,000 and 4,000 deaths among American young people occurred from 1990 to 2010 in the United States.

These figures do not count the thousands of deaths due to suicide, presumably as a result of SSRI/SNRI anti-depressant medication, nor the many more deaths due to high risk behaviors while under the influence or during withdrawal from these and other prescribed medications. Here is another true story that resembles many others' experiences. It is told in the young man's parents' own words (shared here by written permission): Our fourteen year old son Matthew died suddenly on March 21, 2000. The cause of death was determined to be from the essay, long-term use of Methylphenidate, a drug known as Ritalin. According to Dr. Ljuba Dragovic, the essay, Chief Pathologist of papers, Oakland County, Michigan, upon autopsy, Matthew's heart showed clear signs of ap psychology 1999, small vessel damage caused from the use of Methylphenidate (Ritalin). The certificate of death reads: Death caused from Long Term Use of Methylphenidate, Ritalin. I was told by one of the medical examiners that a full-grown man's heart weighs about 350 grams and that Matthew's heart's weight was about 402 grams.

Dr. Dragovic said this type of heart damage is smoldering and not easily detected with the standard test done for prescription refills. The standard test usually consists of blood work, listening to the heart, and questions about test school behaviors, sleeping and eating habits. *What is ap psychology, important to note here is that Matthew did not have any pre-existing heart condition or defect. Matthew's story started in a small town within Berkley, Michigan.

While in essay first grade Matthew, 7, was evaluated by the school, who believed he had ADHD. The school social worker kept calling us for meetings. One morning at one of these meetings while waiting for the others to arrive, the school Social Worker, Monica, told us that if we refused to take Matthew to the doctor and get him on Ritalin, Child Protective Services could charge us for neglecting his educational and emotional needs. My wife and ap psychology essay I felt intimidated and scared. We believed that there was a very real possibility of losing our children, if we did not comply with the school's threats. Monica further explained ADHD to us, stating that it was a real brain disorder.

She also went on to tell us that the Methylphenidate (Ritalin) was a very mild medication and would stimulate the brain stem and contests 2014 help Matthew focus. We gave into essay 1999 the school's pressure and college essay 2014 took our son to a Pediatrician that they recommended. While visiting the ap psychology 1999, doctor with the school's recommendation for Methylphenidate (Ritalin) in hand, I noted that he seemed frustrated with the essay, school. He asked us to remind the school that he was not a pharmacy. Essay 1999. We could only conclude from his comment that we were not the first parents sent to him by this school. The doctor officially diagnosed Matthew with ADHD.

The test used for the diagnosis was a five minute pencil twirling trick, resulting in Matthew being diagnosed with ADHD. *It is important to note that the school's insistence and role in our son's drugging was documented in a letter written by Monica to the Pediatrician, stating: We would have hoped you would have started Matthew on essays & term papers quickstudy academic a trial of 1999, medication by now. At no time were my wife and I ever told significant facts regarding the issue of ADHD and the drugs used to treat it. These significant facts withheld from extended+essay+the+color+purple us inevitably would have changed the road that we were headed down. We were not told that The Drug Enforcement Agency had classified Methylphenidate (Ritalin) as a Schedule II drug, comparable to Cocaine. We were not told that Methylphenidate is also one of the top ten abused prescription drugs. Ap Psychology Essay 1999. At no time were we informed of the unscientific nature of the disorder. We were not told that there was widespread controversy among the medical establishment in regards to the validity of the disorder. Furthermore, we were not provided with information involving the essays & term papers academic, dangers of using Methylphenidate (Ritalin) as treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

One of these dangers includes the fact that Methylphenidate, Ritalin causes constriction of veins and arteries, causing the heart to work overtime and inevitably leading to damage to the organ itself. We were not made aware of the 1999, large number of children's deaths, that have been linked with these types of happiness is important essay, drugs used as treatment. While Matthew was taking Methylphenidate (Ritalin), at no time, were we informed of any test: echo-cardiogram, MRI. These types of tests could have detected the essay, damage done to his heart. These test are not considered standard in monitoring treatment of extended+essay+the+color+purple, ADHD they are usually never administered to children. Ap Psychology Essay 1999. Sadly death is inevitable without the essays & term quickstudy, possibility of detection. *We want to ask every parent to ask themselves these important questions: How different would your decisions be if information was withheld from you?

How different would your decisions be if you receive only distorted data? Informed Consent, which states in part A the person's agreement to allow something to happen (such as surgery) that is based on a full disclosure of the essay, facts needed to make the term, decision intelligently; i.e. knowledge of risks involved, alternatives etc. and the probable risks against the probable benefits. The violation of parents' rights is when they are not told of the unscientific nature of so-called disorders such as ADHD or the ap psychology essay 1999, risks of the treatments involving drugs like Ritalin, and on law when they are not told of alternatives to ap psychology essay 1999 their child's behavior, such as undiagnosed allergies or food sensitivities, which could manifest with the symptoms that psychiatry calls ADHD. *Here are some facts that are being withheld from parents that could possibly alter their life decisions and outcomes. Did you know that schools receive additional money from the state and federal government for college essay 2014, every child labeled and drugged? This clearly demonstrates a financial incentive for ap psychology essay 1999, schools to label and drug children. Did you know that parents receiving welfare money from the happiness, government can get additional funds for 1999, every child that they have labeled and drugged? In this way, many lower socio-economic parents (many times single mothers) are reeled into the drugging by these financial incentives waved in front of them in hard times, making lifestyle changes possible.

Did you know that by extended+essay+the+color+purple labeling your child with ADHD, you are actually labeling them with a mental illness listed in the DSM-IV, the 1999, billing reference in psychiatry? Did you know that a child taking a psycho-tropic, psycho-stimulant drugs like Ritalin after the age of 12 is on law, ineligible for military service? Did you know that the 1999, subjective checklists that are being used as criteria for essay practice test, diagnosis are very similar to the checklists used to determine Gifted and essay 1999 Talented Children? These two checklists are almost identical. The Drug Enforcement Administration clearly states in their report on Methylphenidate: However, contrary to popular belief, stimulants like methylphenidate will affect normal children and adults in the same manner that they affect ADHD children.

Behavioral or attentional improvements with methylphenidate treatment therefore is not diagnostic of ADHD. Dissertation On Law. (p.11) This statement thoroughly contradicts what is being told to many parents by the many professionals that have a vested stake in the diagnosis itself. The DEA further states that: Of particular concern is that most of the ADHD literature prepared for public consumption by CHADD and other groups and available to parents, does not address the abuse potential or actual abuse of ap psychology essay, methylphenidate. Instead, methylphenidate (usually referred to as Ritalin by these groups) is routinely portrayed as a benign, mild substance that is not associated with abuse or serious side effects. In reality, however, there is an college essay, abundance of scientific literature which indicates that methylphenidate shares the same abuse potential as other Schedule II stimulants. (p.4) Did you know that groups like CHADD and others available to parents are being supported financially by pharmaceutical companies? This is a red flag and demonstrates a conflict of interest in ap psychology essay the role that these groups have regarding our children's health and term paper industry well-being?

Did you know that there are studies such as the essay 1999, Berkeley Study that contends that Ritalin and other stimulants further raise the risk of drug abuse? From the Wall Street Journal, Monday, May 17, 1999 by writing practice Marilyn Chase: Nadine Lambert, a professor of education, followed almost 500 children for 26 years. 1999. She argues that exposure to Ritalin makes the brain more susceptible to the addictive power of cocaine and doubles the academic, risk of abuse. This study seems to essay 1999 never make it into the hands of parents because it doesn't support the essay practice test, theories of those using the diagnosis to profit off of 1999, our children. Extended+essay+the+color+purple. What does seem to make it into ap psychology 1999 many parents' hands is research indicating that if children go untreated, which corresponds with unmedicated they will self-medicate or end up as juvenile delinquents. Sadly many of these parents are not aware that many of this biased and unproven research (one such is the Beiderman study) infiltrating our schools are actually being distributed by pharmaceutical companies, such as Novartis. This in itself is essay contests 2014, another red flag and conflict of interest surrounding our children's health.

We leave you with this question: How many more 11 year old Stephanie Hall's, 14 year old Matthew Smith's and 10 year old Shaina Dunkle's need to ap psychology essay die before we realize what is happening and extended+essay+the+color+purple speak out and act to put an end to it? One toy is recalled if one or two children die from it. How many children have to die from ap psychology 1999 these drugs before we realize and put an writing practice, end to ap psychology 1999 this horror. Why should hundreds or thousands have to die before we are outraged and act? Is the profit of so many, worth more than our children's safety and extended+essay+the+color+purple lives? Sadly the deaths of these children have remained unexposed and essay suppressed for so long because there is a tremendous amount of money and profit at stake for so many. My son's voice will not be one of those suppressed and quieted. *Below is a copy of a letter sent to the doctor by extended+essay+the+color+purple our sons school social worker and psychologist asking the doctor for essay 1999, our six-year-old to be put on Ritalin.

IEP will be on December 6. We have recognized his learning difficulties. On Law. We'll likely give him maximum time in ap psychology essay 1999 a resource room (3 hours/day). Our concern is dissertation, that his psychological testing has shown strong average intelligence. Sub-scores are weakest in the areas of ap psychology essay 1999, attention and memory (which our psychologist believes are indications of ADHD) He has had a long history of impulsive over-activity. We (social worker-psychologist witnessed this in Matt's pre-school at Miss Molly's, That's why we certified him eligible for PPI - pre- primary-impaired. He had his PPI year, then kindergarten year and now 1st grade. Many environmental changes have been tried to extended+essay+the+color+purple help Matt concentrate and focus, yet he is still at a beginning kindergarten readiness. We believe his high level of distraction is essay, even more of a handicap than his learning deficits. Paper Industry. We had hoped by September you and Matt's parents would have begun a trial of medication so that we could assess whether his learning would have benefited by increased focus and concentration. Would you consider simultaneously having Matt begin his 3 hours in a resource room with a prescribed medical therapy?

Parents indicate they would feel comfortable with this decision if you do. We are so concerned that Matt has begun to see himself as bad and doing bad things I, as the school social worker, will continue to work with Matt on ap psychology essay 1999 self-esteem and social skills. Is Important In Life. In closing we would hope this website about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder, ADHD or Attention Deficit Disorder ADD. and just how lethal these psychotropic can be. Sincerely,

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How to Write an Evaluation Paper with Sample Essays. VirginiaLynne has been a University English instructor for over 20 years. She specializes in helping people write essays faster and easier. Evaluation essays are just like reviews. They judge whether something is good or bad, better or worse than something comparable. We are familiar with this sort of ap psychology, writing if we've read book, movie, restaurant, or product reviews. Evaluation papers can be serious or funny, earnest or sarcastic. We all love to read the review of a really bad movie or restaurant experience. If you like to write satire, this can be a great opportunity to display your humor. Essays Papers Quickstudy. Chances are you will have a great time, and ap psychology essay 1999 so will your reader. Your topic can be something you've experienced once or many times.

Keep in mind that you will write a better paper if you: Have a strong opinion—positive or negative—about this topic. Choose something you've experienced recently or that you can review again before you write your paper. Know a lot about this type of experience. Use the following list of categories to brainstorm ideas for what you might want to evaluate. Finding Criteria for Evaluation Essays. To turn your opinion into an evaluation, you will need to use criteria to judge your subject. What are criteria? Criteria are the parts of your topic that you will judge as good or bad, better or worse than something else.

How can you find criteria? Criteria are the parts of the thing you are evaluating. Here are some examples of & term papers quickstudy academic, criteria: movie criteria : plot, actors, scenery, score, directing, chemistry between actors, humor. restaurant criteria: service, atmosphere, food quality, taste, value, price. website criteria: ease of navigation, design, visuals, writing, content. Finding the best criteria for your evaluation: In order to do this kind of ap psychology essay, writing well, you need to determine what sort of essay practice test, a topic you are evaluating. If it is a movie, then what genre is it: horror, romance, drama, etc.? Then you need to ap psychology essay decide what would make an excellent movie in that genre in your opinion. For example, you may decide that a good romantic comedy has to dissertation have three things: humor, surprising plot twists, and actors you enjoy getting to know. Ap Psychology 1999. Next, you will evaluate the movie you have chosen to see how well it matches those criteria, giving specific examples of how it does or does not fulfill your expectations of an excellent romantic comedy. In order to evaluate something, you need to compare it with the best example of that particular thing. So, to help you develop your topic into an essay, there are two important questions to ask when you are choosing your topic to extended+essay+the+color+purple evaluate:

First question: What category of essay, a thing is it? Second question: What is the ideal example of something in extended+essay+the+color+purple, that category? What category is ap psychology essay 1999 it? For the best evaluation essay, you want to compare your topic with things that are very similar, so try to & term papers quickstudy narrow the category as much as possible. Ap Psychology Essay. To get there, you want to keep on asking the question, What kind is essay 2014 it? What category does McDonald's fit into? Answer to first question : Restaurant. (What kind of restaurant?) Fast food restaurant. (Better, but what kind of fast food?) Hamburger-serving fast food restaurant. (This is ap psychology 1999 what you want!) So if you were evaluating McDonald's, you would want to compare it to & term quickstudy academic other fast food restaurants that mostly serve hamburgers. Now the second question: What is the ideal example of something in that category? What makes that example better than others? Thinking about what you consider to be the very best example of something in the category of what you are reviewing can help you decide what criteria you will use, and also what judgement you can make.

For example, here is a list of criteria my students have come up with for an ideal burger fast food restaurant: looks clean serves food fast makes it easy to order has great fries has options on the menu offers large drinks with free refills serves juicy burgers with lots of grease doesn't cost a lot of money. No two people will come up with exactly the ap psychology essay 1999 same list, but most restaurant reviews look at the following criteria: Answer to second question: A great fast food burger joint offers great service, atmosphere, and food at a fair cost. Now you know what your paper is going to be about how close McDonald's comes to this ideal. Is This an dissertation on law, Effective Advertisement? Using the list of criteria above, we can make a very fast outline for an essay about an imaginary fast food hamburger restaurant called Bob's Burgers: Thesis Statement : While you may have to essay wait a while to get your meal at Bob's Burgers, that is because everyone finds the meal is dissertation on law worth the wait; Bob's Burgers offers not only great service, but a fun atmosphere for eating with friends or family, terrific food, and a good value for the price. Topic sentence for paragraph 1: Service : Bobs Burgers offers great service that makes you feel at home. Food served quickly Easy to order Friendly Not pushy They get the order correct.

Topic sentence for paragraph 2: Atmosphere : Walking into Bob's, you know you will enjoy eating there. Looks clean Attractive colors Interesting pictures or other decorations Comfortable tables and essay chairs. Topic sentence for paragraph 3: Food: Most importantly, Bob's burgers are the best in town. Juicy burgers with lots of grease Many choices for toppings, including grilled onions, mushrooms, and peppers Small or large burgers Have great fries One downside: No options for those who don't like burgers. Topic sentence for paragraph 4: Value : While Bob's doesn't have the cheapest meals, they do offer a good value for the price. Quality ingredients Burgers and essay test fries fill you up Toppings on burgers are free Large drinks with free refills.

Using this quick outline, most of essay, you could probably write your own essay on Bob's or another fast food hamburger joint pretty easily. Comparison/Contrast: Evaluate your subject by comparing it to one of the best of that genre (use something everyone would know to save time). You will not do an term industry, extended comparison, but just use the comparison as a lead-off into your own judgment. Expectations Unfulfilled: This is especially easy to do for this essay type. Essay 1999. Use the intro to describe what you were anticipating before seeing the subject, then describe how the subject was either better or worse than you expected. Frame : Use a description of the essays quickstudy academic subject to frame the ap psychology essay. That way you get right into the action. Extended+essay+the+color+purple. Then break off half-way through to keep your reader in suspense.

Give your evaluation and then conclude with the end of your frame. Define Genre and Compare: In this essay, you would start out by describing the typical expectations of whatever subject you have (ex: rock album, romantic movie, baseball game, jazz club). 1999. After describing the term paper “typical,” you will then tell how your subject either exemplifies the ap psychology genre or deviates from the norm. Test. Probably this type of organization is best used for a satire or for a subject that deliberately tries to break out of the normal expectations of that genre. Analysis by Criteria: In this type of ap psychology 1999, paper, you introduce the subject, tell why you are evaluating it, what the competition is, and how you gathered your data. Then you order your criteria chronologically, spatially, or in order of importance.

Chronological Order : You might use this for all or part of extended+essay+the+color+purple, your paper. Essay. It means telling what happened in the order it happened. This is particularly useful for a performance or restaurant review. Causal Analysis: This measures the effect on the audience. How does this subject cause a certain effect? Analysis Focused on the Visual: This organization plan works well for analyzing works of art and essay test pictures. The analysis focuses on composition, arrangement, focus, foreground and background, symbols, cultural references, and key features of ap psychology essay 1999, that visual genre. It also notices the essays & term papers quickstudy academic tools of the artist: color, shape, texture, pattern, and essay media. This paper analyzes these details in happiness is important, order to explain how they are related to ap psychology essay 1999 the cultural and historical context of the work of art and then tells how they relate to the overall meaning of the piece.

Be sure to evaluate if and extended+essay+the+color+purple why this piece is effective or ineffective. Analysis Focused on ap psychology essay the Social Context or the Story : This type of evaluation takes an image and analyzes how it is effective for a particular point. Usually, the image is about a controversial or emotionally charged cultural or historical event. Your analysis can describe how this image either demonstrates or contributes to the emotion or debate surrounding the event. It may be that the 2014 image is ironic or misleading. The only essay, problem with our example above is that it is so easy to write, and so it might seem rather trite and unoriginal. How can you make your essay stand out? Describe vividly, using interesting verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Make the reader feel that they have been to the restaurant with you. Use the introduction and conclusion to entice the reader.

Introduction and Conclusion Ideas. Use a conversation about the food. Start with your expectations and end with your actual experience (telling whether it met expectations or overturned them). Talk about popularity or history of the restaurant. Use statistics of people eating fast food more. Discuss the dissertation controversy about ap psychology, fast food and obesity and health. See the chart below for more ideas. How to happiness is important in life essay Connect Introduction and Conclusion. 1. Essay. Present the Subject in happiness is important in life, an Interesting Way.

Give the right amount of detail : Be sure to explain clearly what it is and ap psychology provide enough information for the reader to agree with your judgment. Sometimes movie reviews leave the practice reader in suspense as to the outcome of the 1999 story. Essay Contests. You will have to ap psychology decide what you want to tell. Help readers agree with your evaluation : One reason people like reviews is because they help them decide whether they would like that subject themselves, so make sure to give your reader enough details to decide if they agree. Write a review rather than a summary: Make sure that the term paper industry summary of the subject is no more than a third of your paper. The main part of your paper is 1999 supposed to be the evaluation, not the extended+essay+the+color+purple summary. It is possible to ap psychology do the summary separately and then do the evaluation, or you can summarize as part of your evaluation. Make sure what you are evaluating is dissertation clear: It is ap psychology often effective to use an introduction which describes the subject or gets the quickstudy academic reader involved in the action quickly. 2. Make a Clear, Authoritative Judgment (2/3 of paper)

Thesis sentence should tell exactly what you think. Ap Psychology 1999. You might want to essays & term papers quickstudy academic foreshadow your body by including the main reasons for your evaluation in that thesis sentence. (Ex: The movie XXX is perfect for a college student's study break because of the hilarious comedy, intense action, and fantastic visual effects.) Define the audience you are addressing and the genre of the subject (in the above example, the audience is essay college students and the genre is action comedy). Create a three-column-log to help you make notes for your paper. Separate your notes into on law, three columns for essay 1999 criteria, evidence, and judgment. Pick at contests 2014, least three criteria to talk about in your essay.

For example, for a mystery play, it could be three of the following: plot, setting, costumes, acting of ap psychology, main characters, acting of minor characters, the term industry pace of the ap psychology 1999 action, or the unveiling of the paper mystery. Be opinionated! Passionate reviews are always more interesting to read. Use vivid nouns and engaging verbs. Have a strong judgment about how this subject is 1999 either better or worse than similar subjects. Your judgment can be mixed. For example, you might say the concert on the mall was a good mix of bands and that the essay practice test new songs from the main act were energetically played, but that the sound equipment was poorly set up and tended to ap psychology 1999 make it hard to paper industry hear the singers. Order the body paragraphs from ap psychology least to most important. Back up your opinions with concrete examples and convincing evidence.

3. Argue for Your Judgment. As you state each of your judgments, you need to give reasons to back them up that are specific, interesting, and convincing. For evidence, describe the subject, quote, use personal anecdotes, or compare and contrast with a similar subject. In some cases it is effective to on law counter-argue, if you disagree with what most people think. For example, if your subject is very popular and you think it is terrible, you may want to ap psychology essay state what most people think and tell why you disagree. This exercise is intended to help you prepare to write your paper. As you answer these questions, you will generate ideas that you can use for your paper. What is the happiness is important in life essay topic (subject) you are going to evaluate? Do a short description of it in a list or paragraph.

What category is ap psychology essay 1999 your topic? Be as specific and narrow as possible. Who might be interested in this? This is your audience for the paper. What does this audience already know? What do they want or expect from dissertation this thing? (This can help you develop criteria) What criteria can you use for ap psychology essay 1999 evaluating your topic? (Think of what is most important, or what can be either good or bad, or what parts there are of your topic) What did you expect before you experienced your topic? How did your experience either fulfill or reverse your expectations? In your evaluation of your topic, what is good? In your evaluation of your topic, what is not as good? What is the best example of something in your topic? (Or what other things can you use to compare your topic with?). How does your topic compare to the best of this sort of thing?

If I had to writing test put my evaluation in a single sentence, I would say: Look at “How to Write and Evaluation Essay” Organization Strategies. Which of these will you use? Explain how you will use it. Introduction/Conclusion ideas: Which of these will work best for you? frame story, scenario, expectations unfulfilled, conversation, vivid scene, statistics and evidence, describe social context or historical period, describe popular trend for the subject, define the genre, personal story, quote from someone (often someone who disagrees with you), analogy, compare and contrast. How will you use this introduction and conclusion idea in your essay?

Now write a brief outline of your paper (see hamburger example above). Most of us can tackle a writing project more easily after talking about essay, our ideas. Instructors may have you work in groups to talk out your ideas. Extended+essay+the+color+purple. I've even had some students turn on their webcam and answer these questions while videotaping themselves! If your instructor doesn't have you work in a group, you can get together with some friends to answer the following questions and take notes to help you get ideas for ap psychology your paper.

Take turns in your group. Happiness In Life. The main goal is to help one another prepare to write. Pay special attention to ap psychology helping each other describe their subject vividly and make their evaluation clear and & term quickstudy precise. Also, look for good ways to organize papers. Tell your subject to your group. Ap Psychology 1999. Let the group respond and tell you what they know about dissertation, it or what they would expect. Essay 1999. You write down their answers. Explain your subject. Have your group ask questions (someone else can record for you if you want). Explain your criteria for judging it (#5 in happiness in life essay, pre-writing).

Have the group respond. Do these seem like the best criteria? Any other suggestions? Tell your group your one-sentence evaluation (this is your thesis). Get suggestions for how to make is more effective. Look at the different “Organization Suggestions” on the “Basic Features of an Evaluation Paper.” What type of ap psychology 1999, organization would work best for this paper? Try to write a simple outline. How to Write a Reflective Essay with Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 21. 150 Topics for & term papers quickstudy Essays That Explain.

by Virginia Kearney 10. How to Write the Introduction of an Essay. by wayseeker 18. 100 Argument or Position Essay Topics with Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 37. 100 Science Topics for Research Papers. by Virginia Kearney 108. How to ap psychology essay Write a Proposal Essay/Paper. by Laura Writes 40. A great leader is best judged by the well - being of the college contests people of his country.

Thank you for this its really helped with my college English class. thank you gave a better explanation that my professor. Thanks! This is helpful. Virginia Kearney 8 months ago from United States.

That is an interesting idea Lili. I've just created a video game character, then I made 3 seperate animations that shows her personality using only visuals, and essay now I have it evaluate it. I've never written an evaluation before but this helped get me started, wish me luck! Virginia Kearney 12 months ago from United States. Hi Janelle! I have lots of information on essay topic ideas and how to ap psychology essay write different types of Freshman English essays. Essays & Term Papers Quickstudy Academic. I wrote these over my 24 years of ap psychology 1999, teaching and publish them here to help other instructors, especially those who are just starting out.

Many students find my essays on their own but I welcome instructors using links to my material, but please do not post the information to your own website or print out my information. Thank you for this. Extended+essay+the+color+purple. I am teaching a Freshman Comp class in college, and I'll use some of this material to teach an evaluation essay of some kind. I will be writing my essay on the gender inequality. I am trying to evaluate a hotel. Evaluating a TED talks presentation/speech. Lily Galindo 2 years ago. Reviewing a technological device - the Kindle Keyboard 3G. Ap Psychology Essay. :) askformore lm 2 years ago. Thank you for a very interesting and term paper useful hub.

Thumbs up! Arif 4 years ago from Bangladesh. wow!! amazing really. Ap Psychology Essay 1999. I should develop my hub just like you :) FilipinoHeart 4 years ago. Thank you for this very accessible and useful information. Happiness Essay. Cheers! :) Virginia Kearney 5 years ago from United States. Thanks DVKR--I think this is one of the easier essays to ap psychology write because we are all familiar with the review. Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and college contests respective owners.

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