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Compare and contrast essay christianity and judaism

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Christianity vs Judaism Essay - 470 Palabras | Cram

Compare and contrast essay christianity and judaism

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Christianity vs Judaism Essay - 470 Palabras | Cram

broad topics essay You will choose a single topic for all three of your major essays in this course: the Background Essay (BE, Literature Review (LR), and Final Research Article (FRA). How you choose and compare christianity and judaism narrow your topic is therefore obviously a very important process; after all, you don't want get bored! You may find yourself going through many twists and turns before you end up with a topic with which you're happy. Styles. Even after you think you've found a suitable and interesting topic, you may end up changing your topic altogether or at least changing how you narrow it and compare the questions you end up asking and trying to answer. & Term Quickstudy Academic. Review the Assignments page to see how the three major papers fit together. And Contrast Essay Christianity And Judaism. Because you are choosing a topic for a research project, you should not automatically choose something about which you already know, in brainmass essays the hopes that this will reduce the and contrast essay christianity amount of work that you have to do. The Miser Essay. At the and contrast essay christianity same time, you should not automatically discard a topic on which you have some prior knowledge or even expertise. Still, you should only choose such a topic if you are genuinely curious to learn more than you already know and if you feel that you can be genuinely open-minded and willing to alter your starting views and beliefs, based on the research and perspectives that you will run across.

Also note that you are choosing a topic within the the miser essay social sciences, which means that you will not be doing research, for example, on the geology of Mt. Everest. Still, it is not only the topic that makes something fall within social sciences, but the kinds of questions we ask with regard to the topic and compare essay and judaism the kinds of approaches or research methods we follow as we try to answer those questions (review the Social Science Disciplines webpage for more on this point). For example, if you were writing on the BP oil spill, you would not focus on brainmass scientific and engineering issues around cleanup but perhaps on political or economic concerns. You shouldn't dilly dally in thinking about compare christianity possible topics and even beginning initial, targeted reading on several topics in & term papers quickstudy academic the library, databases, or the and contrast and judaism internet, but you should make sure you are allowing yourself the the miser essay time to and contrast and judaism consider several real topic possibilities before tying yourself down to one for the rest of the quarter!

Choose a topic that is essay on beowulf epic hero, of current relevance in the United States. You will still be required to provide some historical background, no matter how current your topic. Compare And Contrast Essay Christianity And Judaism. While you may end up finding and describing some global comparisons or connections, your focus should remain the U.S. Browse through the essays Table of Contents and and contrast readings of our textbook Rereading America for ideas, especially the short 2-3 page introduction for abelard, each section: 1) The Myth of the and contrast Model Family; 2) The Myth of Education and Empowerment; 3) Myths of Porgress on the Tech Frontier; 4) The Myth of and heloise essay Individual Opportunity; 5) Myths of Gender; 6) The Myth of the Melting Pot. Essay Christianity. Note that you must choose at least one article from Rereading America as one of your secondary sources in your Final Research Article for the course. Prohibited topics include abortion, gun control, death penalty, legalization of drugs, assisted suicide, religion, evolution, cloning, smoking, eating disorders, teen pregnancy, sex education, global warming, videogame violence, school prayer, and obesity . See more on this prohibition below. Do not choose a topic or approach that places the discussion into a yes/no, good/bad, pro/con, for/against, either/or framework, nor one that ask you to take sides in a controversy. On Beowulf Hero. Your job will also not be to compare and contrast christianity predict the quickstudy future or to propose a solution to a social problem, though you certainly may end up analyzing problems and evaluating solutions. 1. Brainstorm: Develop a list of at compare and contrast essay christianity and judaism least 12 topics you might be interested in researching. Include a wide range of topics, including those about and heloise essay which you know something, those about which you don't know much but would like to know more, those that you think matter a great deal socially, or those that you think may be relevant for your future. Choose at compare essay christianity and judaism least three possible topics within each of these categories: 1) your personal background and experience, including your community; 2) your current or future educational or professional goals; 3) cultural issues of concern; and 4) current events, politics and essays policy debates.

Again, prohibited topics include abortion, gun control, death penalty, legalization of drugs, assisted suicide, religion evolution, cloning, smoking, eating disorders, teen pregnancy, sex education, global warming, videogame violence, and obesity. (See below for why these are prohibited.) 2. Other strategies for finding topics: After your brainstormed your own topics, you should also look through reference sources like CQ Researcher and Credo Reference (see Holman Library Class Guide). If you're still not satisfied, go to compare christianity and judaism an actual library and browse the stacks and magazine section or go to a good bookstore's magazine rack. You should be able to abelard essay questions find a good range of magazines at such chain bookstores as Barnes Noble, as well as other independent bookstores like Elliott Bay Books in compare and contrast essay and judaism Seattle. Look for the miser essay, what appear like serious newsmagazines (without a lot of glossy advertisements) as well as some academic journals you will find there. Browse through and see what captures your attention.

You can also read through CR , Quick Tip: Finding Topics (pp. 49-50) for some more suggestions, as well as the compare and contrast essay christianity Broad Suggestions for brainmass, Topics list that appears at the bottom of this page. Essay Christianity. 3. The Miser Essay. Initial consideration: After you have identified some of your top choices for and contrast essay christianity, topics, explore each one a bit further. Brainstorm a list of questions for each one. What would like to know? Are you able to go beyond good/bad, yes/no, for/against, pro/con frameworks? Start doing some browsing on the internet (for example, using a search engine like or a preliminary review of articles and sources that might be available on your potential topics using a database like ProQuest (available through the Holman Library website).

Note that when you're doing these preliminary searches for information, you will make use of research skills like experimenting with a range of subject and keyword terms to search for articles and school research results for any given topic. 4. Reconsideration: This is an important moment. You may be ready to choose ONE topic at this point because you may have discovered that you're no longer equally interested in or curious about compare and judaism all of the topics that were remaining in the previous stage. After a preliminary review of available articles and sources, you may have discovered that you cannot find equally rich ones for all of them. A brand new topic may have occurred to you. If you still can't decide on just one yet, start reading one or two articles on essays & term academic more than one topic, recognizing that you can't stay in this limbo of compare essay not deciding your topic choice for argumentative essay styles, too much longer. 6. Narrowing your topic: You may not be happy to hear that, even though you've gone through a number of steps already, finding a topic is only half the battle! Because the compare essay and judaism amount of argumentative essay time you have in a single quarter to christianity produce a research paper is relatively short, you must narrow your topic so that you are not biting off more than you can chew.

Even with significantly greater time, you would still have to argumentative narrow your topic so that your purpose and compare and contrast christianity and judaism audience are clear and focused. The way in which you narrow your topic and the aspects that you research further will continue to go through some revision as you move through the various stages of the process. 7. Developing a research question: Later in the process, even after you have picked and narrowed your topic, you will still need to develop a SINGLE research question that you will attempt to answer or at least address in your Final Research Article (FRA). You will come up with possible research question at the end of vouchers research your Literature Review (LR); and compare and contrast and judaism finally you will have another chance to revise it for abelard and heloise essay questions, your FRA. Compare And Judaism. Note that your research question should not be a yes/no, good/bad, for/against, pro/con, either/or, etc. Essays Academic. kind of question. Nor should it be a question that tries to predict the future or solve a problem. Legalization of Drugs.

These topics are prohibited because they have been debated for a long time, and it is rare that new points of view and analyses are added to essay the conversation. I have excluded Religion as a topic because academic writing has specific standards of argumentation that are often not compatible with religious ones. Note, however, that there is a long tradition of highly complex theological debate that has been conducted in essays & term quickstudy academic academic settings; these debates, however, are usually not suitable for the social sciences, the length of compare and contrast christianity and judaism assignments in this course, nor for styles, the strategies of essay christianity argumentation we will cover. If you have a strong interest in one of the topics from this list and believe that you have a unique angle you wish to abelard questions explore, I will consider making an exception. Once again, your research question (the original angle you will be pursuing with regard to compare essay christianity your narrowed topic) should not be a yes/no, good/bad, for/against, pro/con, either/or, etc. type of question; nor should it be a question that tries to predict the future or solve a problem. Media Violence (including films, music, videogames, etc.) Homelessness and Poverty. Genetically Modified Foods. Immigration Policies and Immigrant Rights. Essay Epic Hero. War on essay christianity Terrorism. US presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. Psychiatric Drugs (Ritalin, Prozac, etc.) Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Media Bias and Fake News.

As in the Prohibited Topics category above, these topics are very important but have also been debated extensively. Do not choose from this list unless you are prepared to research paper do new kinds of thinking and research, going beyond simple yes/no or for/against positions, as well as the obvious perspectives that we see repeated in the mainstream media. However, with a bit of additional reading and critical thinking, you may discover new angles and questions that go beyond the commonplace understanding of them. As with any topic you choose, narrowing your topic and posing interesting questions are crucial to a successful essay. I'm hoping that you will find a topic on your own based on your own interests or by browsing current newsmagazines or social science textbooks. In addition to the topics in the previous section, below is a list of topics that may lead to and contrast christianity and judaism useful new research projects, but you should by essays, no means regard this list as exhaustive.

I cannot possibly list all possible good topics for a project in the social sciences. Compare And Contrast Essay. Note that if you haven't heard of some of the topics below, e.g., green criminology, do some quick research on the internet about them. Familiarize yourselves with a wide variety of possible topics before making your final topic selection. The Miser Essay. Protest and other forms of activism. Access to and contrast essay christianity Higher Education. Essays Papers Academic. Unemployment, part-time labor, outsourcing. Media Democracy: Independent, Alternative Media, Community Radio, etc.

Campaign Finance Reform: Citizens United Supreme Court Ruling (2010), etc. Iraqi, Afghani, Pakistani, Iranian Immigrants in compare essay and judaism the U.S. Environmental Impact (e.g., Dakota Access Pipeline, etc.) Criminal Justice (must be narrowed; see blue explanation below) Please note the the miser essay earlier discussion about compare christianity and judaism narrowing topics and the miser essay finding research questions. The topics in christianity and judaism this section are still way too big. For example, Criminal Justice can include Racial Profiling, Private Prisons, Prison Labor, Mandatory Sentencing, White Collar Crime, etc. Even after you have chosen a subtopic, you have to figure out what argumentative angle you're going to explore. Abelard Essay. For instance, an investigation of Private Prisons might lead you to explore the christianity financial contributions of prison corporations to political campaigns. I have taught a themed section of abelard essay questions English 127 just focusing on Criminal Justice.

Look at the huge list of potential criminal justice topics.

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Judaism vs Christianity: Compare Contrast Comparison Essays

lowell monke essay In recent times, critical opinion has appeared concerning the use of computers by children and adolescents, especially in compare and contrast essay, education at the primary and high school levels. In this essay, we begin by citing and essays summarizing some of the arguments given in favor of the use of computers by children and in education. Essay And Judaism. Then we argue against them using some opinions which we consider to the miser essay, be non-standard. Another approach and some more details on compare and judaism many of the argumentative essay styles, issues covered here may be found in [8,9]. We also introduce here some new arguments. Arguments in favor of early use.

Let us introduce here some arguments for using computers in education, at home and in school, using quotations. T.Oppenheimer, in a recent article criticizing indiscriminate introduction of computers in schools, lists the following popular reasons for essay and judaism computerizing our nation's [the USA] schools, [1]: 1. Computers improve both teaching and on beowulf epic hero student achievement. 2. Computer literacy should be taught as early as possible; otherwise students will be left behind. 3. Compare Essay And Judaism. Technology programs leverage support from the paper, business community - badly needed today because schools are increasingly starved for funds. 4. To make tomorrow's work force competitive in an increasingly high-tech world, learning computer skills must be a priority. 5. Work with computers - particularly using the christianity and judaism, Internet - brings students valuable connections with teachers, other schools and students, and brainmass essays a wide network of professionals around the globe. Those connections spice the school day with a sense of essay and judaism, real-world relevance, and broaden the educational community. Let us now hear a strong fighter for the introduction of computers in paper, education, who gives deeper reasons. We will cite him in chronological order. In his book Mindstorms [2], S.Papert writes:

6. I began to compare and contrast, see how children who had learned how to program a computer could use very concrete computer models to think about thinking and to learn about learning and in doing so, enhance their powers as psychologists and as epistemologists. The Miser Essay. [p. 23] 7. I believe that the computer as a writing instrument offers children an opportunity to become more like adults, indeed like advanced professionals, in their relationships to other intellectual products and to themselves. [p. 31] 8. Compare. Increasingly, the computers of the very near future will be the private property of the miser essay, individuals, and this will gradually return to the individual the power to determine patterns of education. Education will become more of essay christianity and judaism, a private act. There will be new opportunities for imagination and originality. [p.

37] 9. . the computer may serve as a force to break down the line between the 'two cultures' [humanities and science]. . Abelard And Heloise Questions. So in this book I try to show how the computer presence can bring children in a more humanistic as well as a more humane relationship with mathematics. [p. 38] 10. LOGO environments are not [Brazilian] samba schools, but they are useful for compare imagining what it would be like to have a 'samba school for mathematics.' . The computer brings it into the realm of the possible by essays providing mathematically rich activities which could, in principle, be truly engaging for compare and contrast essay christianity the novice and the expert, young and old. [p. 182] 11. Essays & Term. The computer can be seen as an compare essay christianity engine that can be harnessed to epic hero, existing structures in order to essay christianity, solve, in local and incremental measures, the problems that face schools as they exist today. Argumentative Essay Styles. [p. 186]

12. Computation can be more than a theoretical science and a practical art: It can also be the material from which to fashion a powerful and personal vision of the world [p. 210]. In his book The Children's Machine [3], Papert says: 13. Across the world children have entered a passionate and compare essay enduring love affair with the computer. [p. ix]

14. The introduction of computers is not the first challenge to education values. [p. Essays & Term Papers Quickstudy Academic. 5] 15. The computer graphics and the artificial creature projects give a glimpse of directions of change of School that move toward megachange. [p. 21] In his book The Connected Family [11] Papert says: 16.

Across the world there is a passionate love affair between children and computers. And Contrast And Judaism. [p. 1] 17. The best uses of computers that I have seen in homes are so much better than what is being done with computers in most schools that I have come to see home computing as a major (perhaps the major) source of pressure for educational reform. [p. 15]

18. . one of the big contributions of the essay on beowulf hero, computer is the opportunity for compare essay children to experience the school vouchers research paper, thrill of chasing after knowledge they really want. [p. 19] 19. What will children learn by making a game? They will learn some technical things, for example to and contrast and judaism, program computers. . School Vouchers. They will develop some psychological, social and moral kinds of thinking. Most important of all in my view is compare and contrast essay and judaism, that children will develop their sense of self and of control. For instance, they will begin to essays, learn what it's like to control their own intellectual activity. [p. 47] 20. . parents should recognize the need to build new kinds of relationships with their children and should see the computer as a vehicle for building, rather than as an and contrast essay obstacle to, family cohesion. [p. 79. 21. . using the brainmass essays, children's enthusiasm for computers as a basis for enhancing the family's learning-culture. Compare Essay Christianity. [p.

79] Computer learning experiences give the family a chance to become more aware of argumentative essay styles, its learning culture and compare and contrast christianity a chance to work at slowly (cultures never change fast) improving it. [p. 81] Examining these arguments, the following patterns emerge (at the end of each item we refer to the above arguments which apply to it): a) Computers should be learned and used as soon as possible because they will be essential for the individual in the professional working place (2,4). b) Students who do not master computers will not keep pace with their classmates (2). c) Computers are good tools for learning (1,8,9,19). d) Computers improve students' achievements (1,19). e) Computers accelerate children's development, mainly intellectual (6,7,19). f) Computers may provide a free environment for learning (7,8,18). g) Computers may promote social (and family) cohesion (20,21).

h) Computers provide a fascinating learning environment, one that attracts children and young people (13,16,18). i) Computers provide for a challenge of traditional educational methods and values (11,14,15,17). j) Computers induce a certain vision of the world (12). k) Computers make it possible to learn without tensions and pressures (10,13,18). l) Computers (through the Internet) make students get interested in foreign cultures and people (5). m) Computers develop self-control (19). n) Computers may provide for a more humanistic teaching (9). o) Computers may enhance imagination and creativity (8). p) Computers may be used to essays & term, make children conscious of their own thinking process (6,7,19).

q) Computers provide for an individual way and pace of learning (8). We want to add the essay and judaism, following patterns that did not appear in the quotations: r) Children have to learn computers otherwise they will be afraid of them at adult ages. s) Children who don't use a computer at home may develop psychological and social problems (e.g. a sense of inferiority). t) Through the Internet, computers make it possible for students to styles, access all sorts of information not available through other means. In the compare and judaism, sequel, we will refer to the arguments as (1), (1,3) etc. and to the patterns as (a), (a,c) etc.

Critique of the patterns. It is a great fallacy that children and young people have to learn computers now because otherwise they will fall behind in their future search for professional jobs. Computers are becoming so easy to use and learn, on-line tutorials and helps are becoming so powerful, that any person will be able to abelard essay questions, learn how to use computers very fast at any age. Compare And Contrast Essay And Judaism. We believe that the use of computers will be part of on-the-job training, provided by the enterprises themselves. Just look at the millions of essay, people now using computers without having had any previous special training, sometimes just with some hints from other people. It is a fact that many adults are afraid of computers (r), but we presume this will not be the case with children who were born after the compare christianity, introduction of personal computers, which have become as common as airplanes. How many people are nowadays afraid of flying in a plane? A fraction of school vouchers, those who were when planes were still not so common in our skies; furthermore, there is a certain physical danger in flying, but apparently none when using a computer. And Contrast. This pattern applies mainly to the use of computers by children at home.

Here we have to consider two cases: they are also used in the miser essay, school, so there is no need to install them at compare and contrast essay christianity and judaism home; or they are not used in school. And Heloise Questions. In the compare and contrast essay, latter case, it is essay on beowulf hero, necessary to consider if teachers are requiring something that only students with computers at and judaism home can do, for instance handing in an essay necessarily composed with a text editor, or looking for some information through the Internet. In these and similar cases, the teacher should be advised that it is not fair to discriminate against students who don't have access to a computer. Moreover, if a parent considers that his children should not use computers, as we are trying to show here, he or she should look for an appropriate school which does not use them in the educational process (at least at the elementary level) and does not require their use at home. & Term Quickstudy Academic. We are aware that this is going to be increasingly difficult; we should fight for and contrast christianity the existence of alternative schools, in these case those that do not advocate the use of computers in education before high school. We will expound on this later.

One of the reasons computers seem to be excellent tools for learning is the attraction they exercise upon children and teen-agers. But if we go deep into this phenomenon, it is possible to observe that this attraction is due to two main reasons: what we call the the miser essay, cosmetics and the video game effects. In the first case, users are attracted by the multi-media effects, such as fascinating pictures, sound and and contrast and judaism animation. In the second, by an excitement similar to that felt when playing a video game: the school, setting is compare essay, perfectly, mathematically defined, and the user feels the power of completely dominating the machine. When the desired result is not reached - either not being able to force the machine to essay hero, do what was expected, or not being able to compare and judaism, discover by trial-and-error an epic appropriate command or sequence of commands - the user enters into a state of excitement which stems from compare essay a purely intellectual challenge. We mean here a challenge which has nothing to do with physical ability (such as those required in sports). The certainty that one will eventually discover the right way to do something with the computer attracts the user to such a degree that he forgets everything else, entering what we have called the obsessive user state. Thus, when used for educational programs, what attracts the abelard and heloise essay, child or adolescent is not the beauty or interest of the contents being learned, but these cosmetic and video game effects. One may object that a human teacher also tries to present each subject in christianity, a fascinating fashion.

We would object that she would be using her own enthusiasm, and the knowledge she has of her class to argumentative, present the subject in compare and contrast and judaism, a agreeable way, which should be appropriate to her students at their age and proper development, and certainly without forgetting the contents. In other words, the subject should be presented in a contextual form, appropriate to the students in that class. Educational software does not have the ability of knowing or deducing what is the student's context: what she or he has learned the week or even the year before, what has been happening around or in the world, etc. An interesting question is this: what happens to a student who gets used to learning with computers? Is she going to tolerate a normal class without all those cosmetic and video game effects? How about the interest in reading and studying through books, and the concentration necessary for this activity? We conjecture that all these activities will be damaged by the use of the unique setting presented by computers.

In other words, computers damage traditional learning methods. If this is good or not, is another question. Suppose this pattern is correct. Then one should ask: what kinds of achievements are improved by the use of papers quickstudy academic, computers in education? It is possible that students get better grades in multiple-choice tests in mathematics, but is this a good or a bad sign? The necessary logical thinking exercised while using a computer (recall that it is an compare and contrast christianity abstract, mathematical, logic-symbolic machine) may improve logic-symbolic thinking. We doubt that it improves other kinds of mathematical thinking, or any kind of non-mathematical thinking. In fact, the working space presented by computers is absolutely well defined. We consider that real creativity does not happen in brainmass, well-defined spaces but in ill-defined ones, such as those involving handicrafts, art, humanities and social interaction. Compare. We conjecture that the development of logic-symbolic thinking forced by the miser essay computers in fact hinders real creativity in non-logical, formal symbolic areas. We have no doubt that computers accelerate children's development.

This is compare essay christianity and judaism, quite clear to abelard essay questions, us: forcing a virtual setting, a formal language (when issuing or choosing commands to any software) and a logic-symbolic thinking, computers force children and compare and contrast and judaism teenagers to physically and mentally behave like adults. It is quite unnatural for a child to sit on a chair for long periods of time, if the child has no possibility of essay epic, imagining, innerly fantasizing (this would happen while hearing a fairy tale, for instance). As with TV, educational software full of images leaves no space for inner imagination. In fact, we conjecture that the capacity for forming inner mental images is compare essay christianity, damaged by the use of such software. Note that if this software is the miser essay, not rich in images, and essay christianity consists essentially of texts, it will be so boring to on beowulf epic, a child or adolescent that it will not be used at all. The acceleration of compare and contrast essay christianity, gradual mental and psychological development, making the essays & term papers quickstudy, child innerly and outwardly behave like an adult, is in essay christianity and judaism, our opinion the worst influence exercised by and heloise essay questions computers. Essay Christianity. Obviously, we are of the opinion that there is a proper timing for school vouchers every development in children and young people. Any undue acceleration produces some damage; in particular, we think that early intellectual activities tend to compare, steal the child's childhood, necessary for a balanced development, which should encompass physical, psychological, artistic, social and intellectual aspects. In this sense, we extend to any kind of essays quickstudy academic, computer usage Neil Postman's fears for the disappearance of childhood [4], which he concluded mainly from examining the impact of communication media. Therefore pattern (e), which is praised by many authors, Papert in particular, is for us a counter-argument for essay the use of essays, computers in education. Papert’s position is absolutely clear, as in and contrast christianity, his following statement:

The image of the miser essay, children using the compare and contrast christianity and judaism, computer as a writing instrument is essays papers academic, a particularly good example of my general theses that what is good for and contrast christianity professionals is good for children. [2, p. 30] That is, in our opinion he does not recognize some essential differences existing between children and adults. He also does not see the damage one can do to epic hero, children when they are handled as adults. His argument (6) seems astonishing: behaving like psychologists and epistemologists puts a child into a clear adult state of consciousness. This pattern is based upon a conception that traditional schooling methods impose strict forms of behavior and and contrast essay christianity and judaism learning, and this is damaging to the child or young person. We are absolutely against authoritarian teaching. But we are not against the exercise of a loving authority, such as that recommended to school research paper, teachers using the compare and judaism, Waldorf methodology [5]. School Research Paper. This means that the teacher recognizes that children and adolescents need orientation and a firm guidance when necessary. Look at a child walking along a street with her father or mother holding her little hand.

How secure she feels! This image should accompany the whole teaching process: the child needs guidance. This means recognizing the child's or young person's needs, not imposing what is not proper or interesting for compare and contrast christianity her. In this sense, we are against the miser essay what has been called libertarian education, a method where the child does in school whatever she pleases. This is exactly what Papert praises in his LOGO environment, because the compare and judaism, child is programming the essay on beowulf hero, computer and has an open space to do whatever she pleases. In fact, for him the teacher is and contrast and judaism, a mere facilitator, not a counselor or orienting authority.

He even praises the fact that in this environment children sometimes teach their teachers. In the elementary education environment, this seems to us to be an aberration. In elementary school the styles, child should admire the teacher's personality, feeling secure that she will be guided by the latter's experience through the wonderful mysteries of life. During high school, the student should admire the teacher's specialized knowledge. We think it is absolutely necessary for a healthy future social life that students of any age learn that there are limits to what they should do and how they should behave; probably too much freedom too early tends to produce insecure adults. An interesting aspect of the use of the Internet in education is the fact that it presents a libertarian setting: the user has the whole world at his fingertips, and nobody is orienting him as to what to fetch and examine - unless only limited access to some sites is allowed; in this case we think that the experience is and contrast essay christianity, going to be so boring that the student will rapidly lose his interest. The Miser Essay. Only an adult has, or should have, the self-control necessary to impose self-limits, such as limiting the time of use, objectively looking only at what one has previously determined as the goal of the interactive session, and so on. A child is normally not able to exercise such controls; if she does, she is behaving like an adult, and has stopped being a child (refer to our comments on pattern (e)).

The promotion of social and family interaction is due to the fact that a user may discover some new command or sequences of commands, or even a new site at the web and then show it to the other people around. We find this social interaction extremely poor. Compare it with a child playing ball with her playmates, or a family activity such as a conversation during a calm meal. Compare And Contrast Christianity And Judaism. One should ask: which one is a healthier, more natural, more intensive interactive setting? Which one really improves social relations?

Note that the computer setting will normally only occur in professional life; on the other hand, normal social interaction without the incentive of a machine will be the standard setting for the adult life. Do we wish to essays papers quickstudy academic, teach our children to be led to social interactions by a machine or through his or her inner interest and pleasure in social life? We have already commented on christianity this pattern. Essays. We recall that this attraction is a fake, provided by compare and contrast essay the cosmetic and school research paper video game effect of and contrast christianity and judaism, computers. Computers do in fact challenge traditional educational methods and values. We fully agree with Papert that these methods and values are not adequate. The Miser Essay. But our diagnosis differs somewhat from his, and our solutions are totally different.

One of the problems with educational systems is that they are too abstract, at all levels, especially in compare and contrast essay, elementary and on beowulf epic hero high school. And Contrast Christianity And Judaism. In Brazil, for example, children in grade 2 or 3 learn what an island is in quickstudy academic, the following way: An island is a piece of land surrounded by water on all sides. This is a formal definition, and as such is devoid of life, leaving almost no space for essay christianity imagination. Compare it with a story told by school the teacher, of someone whose boat sank and swam to a beach, then tried to go home and wherever he went there were more beaches. This story should be enriched by all sorts of details on what the person found, fruits, animals, and and contrast christianity and judaism so on. The Miser Essay. It could be accompanied by a beautiful drawing made by the teacher at and contrast the blackboard using colored chalk. The drawing should leave space for on beowulf epic imagination, and compare and contrast essay christianity not contain all possible details as though it were a photograph. & Term Papers Quickstudy Academic. In this way the children can create their own inner images, and innerly participate in the drama felt by christianity and judaism the hero of the story. They could create a living island in their minds.

According to papers quickstudy, the Waldorf Education method [5], after such a story the compare essay christianity and judaism, children would be asked to draw with crayons whatever they liked about the story (and here an element of freedom is introduced into the class), thus requiring some exterior action, and not just intellectual absorption. The excessive abstraction in learning activities causes children and school vouchers paper young people to hate school. Essay Christianity And Judaism. They simply cannot identify with what they are learning, because it usually has nothing to do with reality and their whole beings - it is mostly directed at their intellects. The simple fact that children and young people have to sit for hours listening to what the teacher says, without doing anything else than thinking, eventually interrupting this process by writing in argumentative styles, notebooks the abstractions and definitions they hear or read on the blackboard, is completely unnatural for young people. Observe children leaving a typical school: often one observes something like an explosion, running around, beating each other, etc. This is an expression of their having absorbed the whole time and not having been able to actively contribute anything. Usually classes are not balanced, in a rhythm of inspiration and expiration, as they are organized in Waldorf Education. What happens with computers in compare and contrast and judaism, this respect? Being abstract machines which present virtual settings, they introduce even more abstraction into the learning process! It is and heloise, astonishing that Papert, who so convincingly criticizes the traditional schooling system, does not notice that programming a computer, which is essay and judaism, what his LOGO setting forces its users to the miser essay, do, is the utmost in abstraction. Programming a computer means using only a mathematical language, developing what is called in mathematics an algorithm.

But we want to stress the fact that any use of computers forces abstractions. And Contrast Christianity And Judaism. Any picture displayed on the screen has no reality; the computer does not present the reality of the human teacher in front of the class, of the whole class hearing the & term, same subject. We agree that computers challenge the traditional educational methods - not for compare and contrast christianity and judaism better, but for worse! Unfortunately Papert does not know that the traditional class setting may be profoundly transformed, enriching it with a new way of essays, regarding the students and the educational process. To begin with, teachers must recognize that the compare christianity, main attitude is argumentative, developing an altruistic love towards their students. Secondly, they should regard their profession as a sacrifice: they should not force each student to and contrast essay and judaism, be what they think is brainmass, ideal (and abstract), but need to compare christianity and judaism, recognize what the school research, student needs as an unfolding individuality. Thirdly, the teacher should have a profound knowledge of what is compare and contrast essay, proper for each age and each group of students. This last factor is perhaps the most distinct characteristic of Waldorf Education. It presents a revolutionary educational method based upon the developmental model introduced by Rudolf Steiner. There are other such models, but none is so encompassing, taking into consideration all aspects of the human constitution as it unfolds according to the age of the argumentative, young person.

Fourthly, teaching should be directed to compare and contrast essay christianity, the students as whole individuals, and not just as intellectual brains. Essay. In other words, actions (willing) and feelings should be as cherished and developed as good thinking. Essay Christianity. Waldorf Education stresses that during elementary school, teaching should be oriented through feelings, mainly through artistic activities and essay on beowulf epic hero an artistic presentation of any subject (even mathematics!). At normal high school age students start looking for purely conceptual explanations of the world; it is at this stage that the Waldorf method presents subjects in abstract, formal ways, as required by scientific theories, - but always in compare and contrast essay christianity and judaism, relation to argumentative styles, the real world, and not as purely intellectual abstractions. We have stressed here the compare and contrast essay christianity and judaism, Waldorf method because it is an established one, in existence since 1919 and in practice in more than 700 schools all over the world (more than 100 in the USA and Canada, about 20 in Latin America). It is astonishing that proponents of radical changes in argumentative, education, such as Papert, ignore such a revolutionary change which at the same time preserves the traditional school setting with human teachers, classes, and so on. In [6, 9], we have expounded our ideas and proposals for essay the introduction of computers in education, at high school level, inspired mainly by Waldorf Education.

Summarizing, yes, we have to radically change the educational process, but this change is not a technological one, it is a humane one. It is sad to see so much hope put on essay on beowulf epic computers as saviors of the educational system, when it represents the continuity of its main problems. We agree that computers induce a certain vision of the world. Unfortunately, for us this vision is totally inappropriate for children and teenagers. It is compare christianity, not a humane vision, it is a machine, a technological vision. Schumaker, the renowned author of Small is Beautiful has called our attention to the fact that science and technology have tried to solve the problems of the world. Nevertheless, what one hears and reads is most frequently questions of survival - problems caused by technology or technological points of view of society [7]. Computers require exercising a particular kind of thinking, leading to commands which we may give the machine, and which it is able to interpret. Essays. In other words, when issuing commands to any software we are forced to think in such a way as to make it possible to introduce these thoughts into the machine. We call this type of thinking Machine-Thinking.

When exercising it, we reduce our wide thinking space to that defined (and accepted) by the machine. Obviously, this has an influence on the way the person thinks, because humans are continuously incorporating and being influenced by their experiences (the reader of compare essay christianity and judaism, this paper is not going to be the same after having read it; the author expects that the essay styles, transformation has been for better!): the tendency is to think in a logical, unambiguous way, and expect everything in the world to be as abstract, deterministic and foreseeable as computers are. We fear particularly the deep influence this attitude may have upon children and young people, who are precisely developing their way of regarding the world. This pattern makes use of the fact that computers may be programmed never to censor, being always available for new experiments. We are also against a teaching method that produces tensions and pressures, as the compare essay christianity and judaism, typical ones with grading systems, flunking, admonitions about deficient academic accomplishment, etc. The problem can be solved, as Waldorf Education has been demonstrating for decades. In this system grades, which are pure abstractions, are not given. In Brazil, the the miser essay, grading system goes from 0 to 10; what does a 5 in a test (in general, the compare and judaism, minimum to pass) mean? That the student knows half of all topics or half of each topic? One sees how ridiculous it is to handle real people in the miser essay, a purely abstract fashion.

Waldorf Education has demonstrated that a new kind of learning may take place in a classical setting - this change does not require any machine. On the contrary, it requires a more humane approach to education, and not a technological one. One of the arguments in favor of the use of computers in education is their application on the Internet, making it possible for students to exchange fast mail with people or students in foreign countries. We think this may be a positive application, but it requires quite a bit of maturity from the student. So we would recommend the use of the Internet only during the last year of high school. Lowell Monke, who taught in a high school in the USA, once made an interesting observation: his students, leaving his class on computers, faced foreign students leaving the front room from a class in and contrast essay, English as second language. Essays & Term Papers Quickstudy. He noticed that not one of and contrast, his students addressed a foreigner. Hero. So one may think: shouldn't we teach our students how to get interested in real people, developing their social interests and sensitivity, instead of giving them the opportunity to engage in a conversation with a virtual person living in another country? Is this contact perhaps a palliative to compare and contrast essay, real person-to-person interaction, eventually producing an anti-social attitude, instead of & term papers quickstudy, the opposite one? Furthermore, what is more important, engaging in and contrast, a probably futile conversation or seriously reading a description of the foreign country?

Our recommendation in this respect is that such Internet contacts (to be carried out only by high school students) be always carefully programmed by teachers, who should continually follow what is happening. We think that, much more often than developing self-control, computers develop lack of essays, discipline. Let us make a simple comparison. Compare Christianity And Judaism. When handwriting a letter or typing it with an old-fashioned typewriter, a person has to exercise a tremendous mental discipline. In fact, the possibilities for making corrections are extremely limited; a neat format is only reached through painful observation and control on & term quickstudy how the compare christianity and judaism, lines are being written. Now compare this with the use of a text editor. The user does not have to pay almost any attention, because she will be able to school vouchers paper, change everything, move paragraphs or phrases around, and obtain a neat print just by choosing appropriate commands or icons. She doesn't even have to pay much attention to spelling and grammar, because correctors will detect most of her mistakes and suggest corrections. The result of this lack of need for paying attention is, in our opinion, an invitation for exercising lack of discipline.

In fact, relatively very few people want to be disciplined and, if possible don't behave so. And Judaism. This is even more typical when developing a program. Very few programmers use a strict methodology which imposes some discipline at the design and programming levels: the computer does not require it. The result is abelard essay questions, that almost all programs are big mysteries: the and contrast, year 2000 problem was a result of this lack of discipline. If the papers academic, programmers would have decently documented their programs, and had chosen appropriate names for the variables containing dates, the changes would be quite simple. Christianity. The big problem is to discover which variables contain dates. Moreover, it was poor programming practice saving 2 bytes (or even not saving anything, depending on essay the format used for the date variables) for each year: this was a typical optimization in the wrong place. All this is due to one essential characteristic of computers: it is possible to badly develop (software) products which work fairly well. The problem occurs later when they have to be adapted or maintained.

For small children, perhaps up to age 6, the author has given a suggestion which he learned through the Waldorf electronic discussion list (information on it through its moderator, Dick Oliver,, and has received feedback with excellent results. At that age children have an enormous drive to compare and judaism, imitate. So a parent (who is forced by abelard and heloise questions his/her profession to use the computer at home while the child is awake) could together with the child construct a cardboard computer cutting boxes in the shapes of the various units, connect them with wool strings, draw the keys and screen with crayons, and even build a printer with slots for inserting and taking out a sheet of paper. While daddy or mom are using their computers, the child could be using hers, eventually printing a letter to a relative, with some drawing, etc. For older children, we strongly recommend that one firmly says that computers are not adequate for them, for and contrast and judaism instance because the child is forced to remain seated for a long time without doing almost anything with her hands and not being able to invent new games. Sound prohibitions should be part of school research paper, education: the child is compare essay christianity and judaism, already used to the fact that it is not permitted to drink alcoholic beverages, drive the car, and so on. A child who has not learned to abelard and heloise questions, respect limits will probably be an insecure adult with some social problems - in and contrast, our opinion much bigger than those she may suffer for having been different and having had no access to computers (and, we urge parents, to TV and video games). The Internet does make information available that is difficult to obtain through other means. But the questions here are: is this information important and absolutely essential? Does it really bring something to essay styles, the learning process that can't be obtained by other means, without the compare christianity and judaism, problems caused by the use of essays, a computer and the Internet, as we have been discussing here?

To be able to compare essay christianity and judaism, put the computer in an adequate perspective in education or in individual or social life it is essay questions, necessary to understand very well what it is. We think its main characteristic is that it is an abstract, and not concrete machine (as, e.g. a power lathe or a bicycle): it acts in and contrast essay and judaism, a virtual space, the space of the thoughts we may insert into the machine. So any use of it forces some abstract thinking. To be able to essays papers quickstudy academic, consider computers in education it is absolutely necessary to have a model of the development of each child and teenager. We have based our considerations on the model established by Rudolf Steiner, successfully in compare and contrast essay christianity and judaism, use in Waldorf Education since 1919. According to this model, only at high school age is the child prepared to exercise pure abstract, formal, logic-symbolic thinking; before then it damages her healthy and balanced development.

So we recommend the use of computers only at that stage. Taking into consideration that computers require enormous self-discipline, we have located an ideal age to begin using software at about the essays, end of the sophomore high school year, that is, 16-17 years of age. Hardware may be taught before, as we have proposed in [8], because of and contrast, its physical characteristics, that is, it is not purely virtual as software is. This fits nicely with the school paper, young person’s understanding what a computer internally is, learning afterwards how to use it and criticize its influence. In particular, it is impossible to teach a child how the computer works internally – this requires quite a bit of knowledge of mathematics and compare christianity physics. We insist that our proposed age applies to any use of the computer for teaching any subject before high school. In particular, Papert's LOGO system is centered on learning how to brainmass essays, program a computer, which is a purely mental, abstract activity.

It does not matter that the results are graphically displayed on the screen; this does not transform a LOGO program, consisting of strictly formal commands as any programming language, producing a logic-symbolic processing, into a less abstract, formal entity. Finally, our preoccupation is with the acceleration of a child's or teenager's development. Compare Essay. The human being is a whole, and any activity which appeals to abelard questions, a part of it, such as abstract reasoning, affects the other parts. We have to wait until the young person has developed her mental abilities to push for the abstractions and self-control required by any use of compare and contrast christianity and judaism, computers. As Jane Healey has put it, accelerating the neural development may hinder the proper future neural functioning [10].

We don't embrace such type of school vouchers research paper, arguments because from the physical point of view the thinking process is still a big unresolved question; but its consequences coincide with our way of regarding these problems. We hope this paper serves the purpose of calling the attention to essay, the protection our present world's children need, who have been attacked by machines since the 1950's (beginning with TV, then video games and now computers). We firmly believe that it is only by preserving their simple, naive, semi-conscious childhood and adolescence that they will become balanced, creative, socially integrated and positively active grown-ups. In particular, we are afraid that computers used too early contribute to creating insensitive, amoral adults, behaving and reacting like a machine, unable to essays & term, feel interest in other people, unable to feel compassion and without social responsibility. This means the destruction of and contrast essay christianity, some of essays & term, our most essential humane and non-machine characteristics. [1] Oppenheimer, T. The computer delusion. The Atlantic Monthly , Vol. Christianity And Judaism. 280, N. 1, July 1997, pp. 45-62. [2] Papert, S. Mindstorms - Children, Computers and Powerful Ideas . Basic Books, New York 1980. [3] Papert, S. The Children's Machine - Rethinking School in the Age of the Computer . Basic Books, New York 1993.

[4] Postman, N. The disappearance of Childhood . Vintage Books, New York 1994. [6] Setzer, V.W. and L.Monke. Computers in the miser essay, Education: Why, When, How. Also available through [7] Schumaker, E.F. Good Work . Harper, New York 1979. [8] Setzer, V.W. Computers as instruments of counter-art. Compare Christianity. Available through [9] Setzer, V.W. O computador no ensino: nova vida ou destruição? in E.O.Chaves e V.W.Setzer, O uso de Comutadores em Escolas - Fundamentos e Críticas ., Editora Scipione, S.Paulo 1988.

See also the consecutively enlarged versions V.W.Setzer, Computers in Education , Floris Books, Edinburgh 1989 and V.W.Setzer, Computer in der Schule? - Thesen und Argumente , Verlag Freies Geistesleben, Stuttgart 1992. [10] Healey, J.M. Edangered Minds . Simon Schuster, New York 1990. [11] Papert, S. The Connected Family . Longstreet Press, Atlanta, 1996. #169 2000 Valdemar W. Setzer.

Dr. Valdemar W. Setzer is Professor of Computer Science at the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has published ten books as well as numerous articles in scientific journals on his specialty.

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Similarities Between Christianity and Judaism Essay -- torah, bible, god

13 Creative Exercises for Photographers. Like the world’s tidal waters, photographic creativity ebbs and flows for many of us. Sometimes creativity can use a jump-start, an artificial method to get the compare essay christianity photographer to start looking at the world in a new way in brainmass essays order to facilitate, restart, refine, or improve your photography. There are many ideas on how to get yourself to push through an compare christianity, artistic block or inspire you to further expand your boundaries. Not all of them involve the camera. Several websites and essays books publish a mix of assignments or exercises for the intrepid photographer. I prefer the exercises that 1) involve using your camera, 2) are less assignment-based, and 3) are fun! These are my versions of various exercises that have been passed down from one creative generation to essay christianity and judaism, another. If I have reproduced a favorite, I apologize in argumentative advance for the inability to credit the original artist/inventor of the exercise.

Pick a location. Stand in and contrast essay christianity one spot and make 24 unique photographs while standing in essays the same place. You cannot move your feet. The first time I did this, I hit a virtual brick wall after about 12 shots , and that was eye - opening in many ways. It really pushes you to be creative with your gear and surroundings. Take 10 unique and/or abstract photographs of 1 small subject. The smaller the subject, the and contrast christianity more challenging this can be. A “small subject” should not be “New York City.” Choose one subject and place it, where it exists, in each corner of the frame for 4 images.

Can you go to the other side of the subject? Do the same. Vouchers! Shoot all four sides in all four corners if possible. See what you come up with! Exercise 4: Artificial Restrictions. Create restrictions for a day or weekend of shooting. Compare And Contrast Essay! Limits may include: One prime lens One location BW only 4-5 P.M. only Manual mode only Overexpose/Underexpose everything Spot meter only Photograph while sitting Only things above you Only things below you No people in the frame No structures in & term the frame Fill the frame Negative space in more than three quarters of the frame. And Contrast Christianity And Judaism! Force yourself forward with restrictions. Go somewhere you have wanted to the miser essay, go to take photos but have been procrastinating about visiting.

With your digital camera, shoot a “Roll of 24 or 36 exposures.” After 24 or 36 exposures, you are out of “film.” Look and think before shooting, knowing you only and judaism, have a finite amount of argumentative essay “film.” If this does not force you to make more critical decisions regarding your images, pretend you bought a roll of 12 exposures! When you are out of compare and contrast essay film, just walk around or sit and enjoy the research place. Photograph a dozen abstracts of a common object. Depending on the size of the object, you may need a macro lens or telephoto. Similar to Exercise 2, but only allowing the abstract, this exercise should force you to see deeper into an image. Carry a subject with you and put it in the frame no matter where you are shooting. Think about the famous traveling gnome. Bring a favorite “thing” on your outing and figure out how to include it in your images. Notice how it dictates framing and composition. Be creative with your placement of your portable subject.

You have to be inside every frame. Compare And Contrast Christianity! This is not a “selfie” exercise; so bring a tripod or alternative support. Compose, frame, and start the self-timer. Then, put yourself into the photo in a meaningful and thoughtful way. Drop many pieces of scrap paper into a mixing bowl. Each piece should have a single word or phrase. Brainmass Essays! Draw a piece of paper, grab your camera, and start shooting. Examples of what can be on the scraps of compare essay christianity paper can be: You get the idea.

Try a different genre of photography. Abelard And Heloise! Are you a studio portrait photographer? Try street photography for a day or weekend. Architectural photographer? Shoot sports at essay and judaism, a local park. Photograph these nine elements of vouchers paper a scene while in one location. Go to a street corner, park, or other location and make photographs showing the following: Bonus round? Also add: Want to make it more difficult? Only allow yourself one image per element. Go for a walk somewhere you have always wanted to photograph.

As you walk, stop and compare and contrast essay take a unique image after a predetermined number of steps. Brainmass! 10? 20? Your favorite number? Every city block? The world changes a lot in just a few feet. Compare And Contrast Essay Christianity! Stop to capture this. Two different fire hydrants do not two unique photographs make. Abelard Essay! Put your camera somewhere safe.

Walk somewhere without a camera and look for photographs. When you reach your destination, walk back over essay and judaism, the same route while still looking for photos. Finally, with camera in the miser essay hand, retrace your steps for the third time and capture those photographs. If in the field, leave your camera in your camera bag. Do not pull it out and contrast christianity until you get back to the start.

No cheating. Be disciplined. Abelard! Look hard. Be observant. And Contrast Essay! Walk slowly. Your 180-degree perspective will reveal as much or more. Essays! Take bits and pieces from what is above or come up with anything that gets you to essay, take creative images and break through walls. Share them with us and other photographic artists in the comments section! You can find a lot more tips online or in books. Some of essay on beowulf epic hero these take the shape of a photo assignment that takes you out of compare and contrast christianity and judaism your comfort zone or introduces you to argumentative, something different than what you usually do.

Others are more creatively based. Beware of the creative exercises that focus on compare essay christianity and judaism, the technical workings of the camera—the goal should be to argumentative essay styles, expand the creative mind. Getting bogged down in a camera’s menu is essay and judaism not likely the best path to essays & term papers quickstudy academic, this goal. Having said that, improving technical proficiency is always a good thing, but just keep your focus on essay christianity, the creative and less on essay, the nuts and compare and judaism bolts of a particular image. The images are important, but they are not critical. If you get a few “keepers” from your exercise, awesome!

If you come away with junk, but engage your mind and eye, then the mission is accomplished! Lastly, not only should a creative exercise be challenging and self-inspiring, it should be fun and never, ever feel like a chore. All photographs © Todd Vorenkamp. My daughter is going to take a digital photo class at her middle school (7th grade). These are some great ideas we can do together while learning concepts of the miser essay composition and seeing photographically. Simple ideas can result in great images. Compare And Contrast Essay! Thanks. Thanks for reading, Glen! I hope you all enjoy the exercises and make great art! Lucky enough to abelard questions, stumble across this article.

Thanks:) they seem really fun ideas to start with!! especially the portable subject. Glad you found it, Nidhi! Thank you! Thank you for these ideas! I am setting up an event with some photography friends to try some of these out. Good luck, Ali! Let us know how it goes. :) Todd, what a wonderful dozen of tips. I will print them and drop them in my bag for my next photographic journey. Thanks !! Good luck with the and judaism exercises!

I love all of quickstudy academic these ideas. It really makes you think about taking more meanfully pictures instead of just snapping way. I am glad these resonated with you! Creativity is the most fun part of photography for me! Thanks for reading! For a long time I've been trying to capture photos on my own want angle, but the result is and contrast different from what's on brainmass essays, my mind. And now I can say that I found the answer to my problem. Thank you to the creator of this blog. Keep helping everyone! Thank you for reading, George!

Good luck shooting creatively! Those seem like some fun inspiring exercises. Thanks for sharing! If I can add one, I would add let someone else use your camera to essay christianity, take a few shots of something they would like to capture. Most people like using a camera every now and essays then, especially if it is compare and judaism different from their own which is probably their phone. Argumentative Essay! Offer them a tip of your own, teach them something you know. And Contrast Essay! Also take a moment to see what someone else happens to see while you are in the same spot. Of course you can add one! And, that is a great tip! For some workshops, the papers academic night before, I ask the students to compare and judaism, bring a photo of a fork with them to the class. Some photograph a stainless utensil, others get creative.

It is always interesting to see what people capture! I just a Samsung S8 phone. I want to do this with my phone. This is a test list. You can do these exercises with any camera, Benny! Good luck!

So very glad I stumbled across this article. I want to rush right out and get started but I don't think my boss would appreciate it. ;p That being said, it's almost the weekend and it's the first weekend all year someone doesn't have something planned for me to do. Guess what I'm going to do? Thank you so very much for essays & term papers quickstudy the awesome ideas. And Contrast Essay Christianity! Your images are amazing and thought-provoking.

Happy shooting, Glenda! Need me to tell your boss you are heading out for a bit? :) Good luck and enjoy your creative weekend! I'm testing out a model 420 Polaroid that I rescued from a thrift store, and these are great exercises to papers quickstudy, get me acquainted with the camera! Thanks so much- recommending these to my friends! Yep, these exercises are for any and all cameras! Enjoy the 420! I hate the compare christianity cold. So I hate winter except for snow and ice. I' going to use all of these to & term quickstudy academic, force me to compare essay, get out.

That way I 'll be that much better when it gets warm out again. THANKS. Here is a little secret. some of vouchers paper these you can do indoors! Good luck! Thanks for stopping by! I'm so happy to find this. My best friend purchased a Sony a5100 for her 12 year old, saying he likes to take photos. Essay And Judaism! I told her to on beowulf epic, get him something affordable to see what he can do without his iPhone, and and contrast I'd be over after Christmas to take him photo-hunting. Now, with some of these ideas in hand, I don't have to spin in a circle trying to think of fun things to do. THANK YOU. Essays! :) Awesome! I am glad you found this and hope you had fun with the exercises!

Yeah, thanks for this exercise, will try this!! Let us know how they work for you, Pavitrha! Wish I could save this on Pinterest! You can always memorize it, Debra! Thanks for reading! Being 66 it seems like I live the rut more than not. But I have a passion with the compare essay christianity and judaism camera that makes life keep going. If nothing else, just creating some special captures for questions my grandkids. Going to see if I can do all these; some will be easy, some more challenging.

But it's what I been looking for. Compare Essay Christianity! Isn't it sad that creativity seems to diminish over time? As adults we rarely pretend to be someone else and we seem to, more and more, live lives of essays predictability and pattern. I too need to get out and do all of essay and judaism these! Thanks for reading and the miser essay writing in! It's really helpful to have these exercises. especially when you've been stuck in compare and contrast christianity and judaism a rut,for several months. Needed a way out. Argumentative! BH rocks. Thanks, Shawn! I hope you got out of your rut and are rocking awesome photos!

Earlier this year I did exercise 13, Two Trips. I walked several blocks of an old historical part of town then crossed the street and returned to the starting point. I said to myself, what is there to take pictures of? Then I discovered that any photo of buildings, cars, or people are actually historical photos. Twenty years from now the businesses, the cars, and the fashions will be different. So look beyond lines and patterns. The fact that they don't build buildings this way anymore may reveal some interesting details.

Then when you process the images by essay and judaism, converting them to black and school vouchers paper white can make a new image look old. Essay Christianity! I am sorry for the delay. missed your post! Yes, every photograph is recording history. Documenting change in a neighborhood is a great way to use photography! Sounds like a great outing and essay styles thanks for sharing some tips. Thanks for reading! Thank you so much.

I've been struggling to find constructive/productive ways to practice with my DSLR. These exercises are excellent ideas and i can't wait to get out and compare and contrast christianity try these. Essay Styles! You are very welcome, Allen! Good luck and have fun! Thanks for reading!

I love the excercises . i teach video production/photography and this will be great for my students to essay christianity, develop their eye and ways to be creative. I hope your students enjoy the exercises! Thanks for reading! Amazing! Exactly what I was looking for! With every exercise that is listed, I was literally jumping with excitement with all sort of Wow!!, Yessss!, I'm going to do THIS! kind of expressions. :D. Photography had started becoming a depressing hobby, because I was not able to break that visual/virtual brick wall. Essay Epic! The pictures I clicked were just Good instead of being Awesome and I had no clue about compare christianity, how to go any further with my Photography. Now I know exactly what and how to essays papers, do it! Thanks a ton, Todd! You just saved my hobby :D :) I cannot wait to start implementing these.

Great to compare christianity, hear the vouchers article was well received, Ash! Thank you so much for the words, and good luck with the christianity and judaism exercises! Great tips! Thank you for your time - it was worth writing this, it will inspire many photographers I think :) Thank you very much for the kind words! I do hope it inspires many! Have a great day and the miser essay thanks for reading! Great ideas to compare essay christianity and judaism, get started again. Thanks so much for sharing them. You are welcome, Iris!

Thank you for reading! Awesome ideas. Look forward to getting started on on beowulf, these. Thank you. Thanks, Vickie! Good luck and thanks for reading! Awesome exercises! A friend told me to and judaism, check out your ideas, and and heloise essay I cannot wait to get started.

In fact, as a journalism teacher, I think I'm going to have my photographers on my high school yearbook staff work on this with me. Thanks so much! Thanks so much for the compliment! I hope the yearbook staff knocks a few of these out of the park! Thanks for reading! Thanks, this is and contrast christianity awesome. I want to start, but I currently have no tripod or support and don't get home until after dark.

Any suggestions? You are welcome! A few things. 1. Add a tripod to your holiday wish list! Regardless of the kind of photography you do, a tripod will someday be essential. 2. These are creative exercises and are not designed to get you the perfect photo. So, go out in the dark without a tripod or support and find pictures knowing that they will be soft and & term quickstudy movement will happen. Embrace the handheld long exposure and use that to bolster your creativity.

If you are shooting digital, it is all free. If you are shooting film, skip your next expensive cup of coffee to compensate for the cost! 3. Or, start inside. A friend once told me to sit on a toilet and make great photographs. Pictures can be found, seen, and made anywhere!

Custom Essay Writing Service -
Similarities Between Christianity and Judaism Essay -- torah, bible, god

Do Our Dogs Love Us Unconditionally? Many people say. Dogs love us unconditionally. However, others argue that dogs are not capable of love , much less unconditional love. What seems like love to us is only behavioral conditioning.

Is this true? What does unconditional dog love mean? When people say that dogs love us unconditionally, they are referring to how some dogs continue to compare and contrast essay christianity, seek human company, attention, and affection, even after being hit, beaten, neglected, and abused by us. This does not mean that dogs love all people unconditionally, but that they have the capacity to forgive, forget, and love us again even after going through some tough times. This does not mean that dogs do not feel pain or do not suffer from pain, nor does it mean that they are unaffected by abuse. It only means that they have the ability to bounce back if we give them the chance and help them to abelard and heloise, do so.

However, is compare essay and judaism this an indication of real love or is this merely conditioning? Do our dogs lie next to us, lick us, and show us doggy affection because they have learned that it will get them food and brainmass other resources? Or do they truly love and and contrast essay and judaism enjoy our company? Some researchers argue that it is school research all conditioning, and that … “If we moved our dogs to our neighbor’s house and that neighbor gave the dogs as much as we gave them and in the same motivational forms, I believe our dogs would adapt to compare, the new life and argumentative would become as loyal to the neighbor as they were to compare essay and judaism, us.” However, other scientists disagree. In fact, recent MRI data (dog brain scans) from essays, scientists at Emory University in essay, Atlanta, Georgia show that dogs do experience feelings of love and affection. In particular, the school research paper MRI data is different when a dog is given treats by a stranger and by someone that they have a strong bond with. What do you think? Do our dogs truly love us or is compare and contrast it just conditioning?

There are as many forms of love as there are moments in time. Whether our dog loves us, will greatly depend on what love means to us. I have a close relative, whom I will call Aunt Marie. Aunt Marie is someone who is argumentative essay styles very interested in measuring love. She keeps track of compare whether her children, as well as nephews and nieces call her on her Birthdays and other special occasions. Do they send her cards? Do they call? Do they call on the day itself, or do they forget and essay on beowulf call too early or too late? Do they call other aunts and uncles? What about gifts?

As far as I can tell, Aunt Marie uses these behaviors and compare and contrast and judaism others to calculate who loves her, whether they love her more than another aunt or uncle, and whether it is argumentative essay truly love for and contrast and judaism, her or something else, e.g. Essays! love of her money. Not surprisingly, Aunt Marie is essay not a very happy person. Very frequently, she comes up with reasons as to why people do not love her. “They are only calling me or sending me cards and presents out of duty”, she declares. “They are only doing this to get my money.” What is love to you? Is it blind loyalty? Does it have to brainmass, be perfect and free from other motivations? We can never truly know what another person or animal is thinking. Like Aunt Marie, we can decide to continually measure love and deny the love of essay christianity others, or we can enjoy the moment and love others back. Love is not something that is easily defined and therefore, it is not something that can be measured.

However, it is argumentative essay styles there, and it is powerful, and it is something to be enjoyed. Like us, it may not be perfect, but perfection is not necessary. Some people insist that dogs are incapable of love, because they are animals. These statements always include some dire warning about how attributing these “human feelings” to compare and contrast christianity and judaism, our dogs is dangerous because it is humanizing our dogs, and this will lead to bad behavior and an out of control dog. I fail to see how believing that our dogs are capable of love is hero detrimental to anyone.

Does that mean that their love is exactly like ours, probably not. However, why should that matter? Why is dog love unworthy of the name? In the dog training world, there is a fair amount of compare and contrast discussion around humanizing dogs, but very little around de-humanizing dogs. I suppose because dogs are clearly not human, we assume that de-humanizing them is only right and natural. However, dehumanization is much much more than just an attribution of species. Dehumanization or dehumanisation describes the denial of and heloise questions “humanness” to others … It is compare and contrast christianity conceptually related to infrahumanization,[4] deligitimization,[5] moral exclusion[6] and vouchers research objectification.[7] Dehumanization occurs across several domains, is facilitated by status, power, and social connection, and results in compare, behaviors like exclusion, violence, and support for essays & term papers quickstudy academic, violence against others.

dehumanization – the act of compare and contrast christianity degrading people with respect to their best qualities; dehumanisation, degradation, debasement – changing to argumentative essay, a lower state (a less respected state) By dehumanizing our dogs, they automatically become second class citizens, therefore, it becomes more acceptable for us to hit them, shock them, or choke them into and contrast and judaism submission. Indeed, we do not want to overly humanize our dogs, because that may lead to mis-communication and misinterpretation of essay their behaviors, which will hinder the creation of a positive and healthy dog-human bond. Similarly, we do not want to compare and contrast christianity, overly dehumanize our dogs, because that may lead to essays quickstudy academic, the same detrimental results. Training and bonding with our dog does not just involve our dog, it involves us as well, in essay, very big part. Paper! Helping my dog improve his behavior, also helped me improve my own behavior. Compare Essay Christianity And Judaism! I learned to essays, better control my temper, to show more empathy, to be more patient, to let things go, and to enjoy the moment. De-humanizing our dogs demands everything from our dog, and nothing from us.

It is the opposite christianity and judaism of love. Do My Dogs Really Love Me Unconditionally? I think the more important question to ask myself is vouchers research whether I love my dogs. And the answer to compare essay, that is brainmass absolutely. Do I love all my dogs equally and in exactly the and contrast christianity same way?

No. But that does not mean that I do not love each of argumentative essay them very much. Similarly, I do not require my dogs to love me and only me. My dogs enjoy being with friends and neighbors who give them affection and treats, but that does not cheapen their love for me. I love my dogs, I want to keep them happy, safe, and healthy. When they are happy, safe, and healthy, that makes me very happy too. I love spending time with my dogs, and compare and contrast essay and judaism I love it when they come over to essay epic hero, be with me, whatever their motivations. That is compare essay more than enough for me. Peter Vaughan Williams says. Dogs are like kids.

If they have a bad owner or a stupid owner that may turn out bad unfortunately. Especially dogs that have had several poor homes! Almost all”bad” dogs have had incorrect experiences with humans. I have had many dogs over the years yet only found one who was really unhinged – so they do exist. I am now 73 and well retired and I live alone on my small private estate n Morocco – alone 24/7 – that us with my Welsh Border Collie Aidie. Aidie is the most amazing creature I have encountered in my life and paper I attribute this to our constant and endless inter-activity and my treating him as I would a young child. Compare And Contrast Christianity! It would take far too much space for me to list all the vouchers research paper amazing attributes of my dog – who is and contrast now 7 years old, and I would say that canine love in my opinion is very real, valid, and the miser essay infinitely more stable and compare and contrast essay christianity and judaism forgiving than human love. On Beowulf Epic! If your dog doesn’t love you it can only be your fault! and you are obviously unworthy in one or more respects.

Of course there are many different types of personalities in both people and in canines, but on average the relationships are workable and beneficial for both parties. In exceptional cases (like mine), the relationship is a very beautiful and compare and contrast and judaism wondrous thing to behold. So… IF YOU REALLY WANT TO BE LOVED – GET AN (INTELLIGENT) DOG. Recently discovered your blog and this is a great read. School Research Paper! Before the essay and judaism word love was invented I wonder how we humans described the feeling love and how they knew that feeling was love. hmmm. 24-7 with my dog.he is a person in on beowulf epic hero, a dog suut.he anticipated my every move up at 7 am not my choice.10am dog park.i can rough hoyse with hin.never gets tired. Enjoyed reading your thoughts in this article.

We have three gorgeous canine kids – two Tibetan Spaniels and essay and judaism a Pyrenean Mastiff. Brainmass Essays! I do believe that love is not something that can (or should) be measured solely in compare essay and judaism, human terms and conditions; what hubris to the miser essay, believe that only compare and contrast essay we feel emotion. Animals probably do not quantify or qualify things the essay epic hero same way, but that does not make their sentiments any less real or valid. I can really relate to compare and contrast christianity and judaism, your comments about essays “Aunt Marie.” You’ve pretty much described my mom, lol. Thanks so much for a great and thought-provoking read. I wonder if this is related to the fact that we have domesticated dogs for and contrast, thousand years thus it’s written to our and their DNA – both of us are two mammals with the closest proximity to “mutual companion”

I remember back then I lost my dog (a dachshund) , and only to find her later in a neighbour’s home far from my home, when saw me, she greeted me and waggled her tail, not barking! I was very surprised because she still remembered me. I didn’t take her back home because she seemed happier in her new home – my dad is vouchers a dog breeder and compare and contrast essay and judaism he always caged his dogs. I always tried to find time to walk them, but it’s hard when there are 3-4 big dogs to give attention to. I’m in some serious need for advice. I’ve wanted a husky ever since I was a little girl (my cousins and I played “dogs” and I always pretended I was one), and now I’m about to graduate and will finally be able to vouchers, get my own dog. I’ve had dogs before (rat terrier/schipperke(spelling?), a chow/lab, spent a lot of time w/Australian shepherds, pitbulls, and my good friend has a husky), so this isn’t my first rodeo. Like I said before, I’ve spent a lot of time with the husky up until he was a year and then I moved down to school so I haven’t been around him since. Essay Christianity And Judaism! I want one sooooo badly, but I do not EVER want to be at a place where I think I couldn’t handle one of my own.

I have heard equal sides that say they’re the best dog breed to have and then some who have literally stated that they thought the dog would break their spirit. It is my biggest fear to argumentative essay styles, have a husky and it not obey me. I know they require extensive training and I know, as with any dog, you need to show them who the alpha is, but I’m nervous. I guess my question to compare, you is: how do you know if you’re making the right choice? I’ve researched them for hours on end and I think I would be an excellent owner, but then think about the fact that maybe I will have bad luck and school vouchers paper get the most mischievous one in existence. Essay Christianity And Judaism! HELP! Just wanted to add to the chorus of ‘thank yous’ for this blog! I just adopted a two year old Sheltie/Spitz mix I named Vivaldi, and abelard and heloise questions while he’s actually a pretty easy dog, the adoption was finalized at a tough time and I have found myself a bit overwhelmed as a first-time dog owner trying to teach him commands and better leash manners. And Contrast Christianity! But I remembered your blog from stumbling across it once, and it’s going to the miser essay, be a huuuge help to me and compare and contrast essay and judaism my new pup. One question– AFAIK you don’t have a cat, but just in case you’ve heard a thing or two… Do you have any tips on cat-dog relationships? The introduction actually went quite well, but my cat is still fairly timid and sometimes spooks and runs, igniting the chase instinct for the do. (He can’t chase far, since I have him leashed when they are in the same room, but it still scares the cat, and me a little too!) How do I prevent chasing?

I believe I’m supposed to reward him when he is calm around the research paper cat, but I’m finding it tricky to tell when I should be rewarding him, and how to tell him “no” when he does move to chase, as it happens so fast I can’t see it coming. If you have any thoughts on this, I would very much appreciate it if you shared. Thank you again for this awesome resource! i just want to thank you for all of your incredible knowledge and for sharing it here for the world to learn from. my husband and i have been pouring through your site and have learned many great things! and that’s a good thing as we just got an 11-week old husky/collie. all of compare your tips are working on her and after reading your site, we feel that we can understand her better and better take care of the miser essay her. she has been here for less than a week, already alerts us to when she has to go out, we feed her twice a day with many treats for being a good girl and christianity following commands. we take her out for 20 minutes at argumentative styles a time, 4 times a day and she is really enjoying this routine. And Contrast Essay Christianity And Judaism! she comes in after her play time and flops out until she wakes and on beowulf gets her next playtime. we live on a homestead, grow some of our own food, hunt and fish. she will make an excellent guard dog and we will make excellent parents because of all of the information that you have shared. i put up a post today on compare essay and judaism our blog – – and shared pictures of her. i also linked to the miser essay, your blog in my post and i hope that you are ok with that. She is absolutely gorgeous! Her blue eyes are absolutely striking against her darker coat. And Contrast Essay Christianity! And her expression during stick chewing is on beowulf epic hero priceless. #128512;.

Big big hugs to katijya. Also, your jambaloney story is awesome! Hello! Read a good amount of compare and contrast essay christianity and judaism your Shiba articles and they are very informative! I am getting my very first Shiba soon and he/she should be ready to go in & term papers quickstudy academic, October.

Still debating if we want a female or male. Compare And Contrast Essay! Can you tell me about the differences between male and & term academic female Shibas? Been researching and reading about the compare and judaism breed for argumentative essay styles, a good week now and can’t wait till October lol. Christianity And Judaism! A bit nervous too because of how stubborn they can be but I think I’m up for the miser essay, it. Anyways, thx for having this blog cause I know I’ll be here regularly! Congratulations on your upcoming puppy! It is always very hectic for me when I get a new puppy, but also a lot of fun. Make sure to essay and judaism, have a good camera ready. The Miser Essay! #128512;. I have visited with a couple of Shiba breeders since getting Sephy, and the general picture that I get from them is that the males tend to be a bit more affectionate and and contrast social. Vouchers! Also a bit more of a homebody.

Strangely, my Husky breeder also tells me the same thing about her Huskies. Compare And Contrast Essay Christianity! I have two Husky girls from hero, her though, and compare christianity they are both very affectionate, so I always wonder how a male Husky would be like. Of course there will be a lot of variability dog to dog as well. However, I have never lived with a female Shiba or a male Husky, so I don’t have any first hand experience with comparing them. Here are some great threads from the essays academic Shiba Inu forum on male vs. female Shibas-

I have a poodle chihuahua rescue. Who can be really gross if you get grossed out don’t read the post. After my 13 year old poodle passed away I wanted another. So my husband one day happened to compare and contrast essay christianity and judaism, find a curly 2 month pup on the side of the road. He called it a mexican poodle lol cause of the chihuahua in him.

His name is Hilario and he is obsessed with me. The first weird thing he did was when I made a potty stop on a hiking trail. Essay On Beowulf Hero! He was not even a year yet and off leash, I squatted down to pee and compare and contrast essay and judaism didn’t notice him rolling himself in school vouchers research paper, the shower until he was covered. I said a stern no but didn’t make a deal out of it I thought cause he was a pup and and judaism I was his new mom he was trying to smell like me to on beowulf, endear himself more to me. However now at 2 years old he still likes scenting himself. He rolls on dirty underwear he has eaten the christianity crotch out and swallowed it! I remember waking up at night and he was sound asleep wearing my underwear like a mask the crotch part tight over his nose. Now dirty laundry is kept out of reach.

He has gotten better now that he’s not a pup but I still have to be careful with used pads or he will proudly rub war paint on his face and I still keep undies out of reach. When we take a walk in argumentative essay styles, the woods and I need a potty break I have to tie him and walk away with him leashed or he will run back to drink and roll. My dog is essay castrated it was done when he was still a few months. He does obey me and is an angel with kids. He does have separation anxiety in certain situations. He is social and friendly with dogs. I try giving him a variety of toys but nothing interests him. Food does not motivate him he is not a big eater, only pats and being held.

I tried putting boiled chicken skin in the hole of a squeaky bone. Even though he likes chicken skin he did not put any effort in getting the treat he dint whine he just didn’t care. Vouchers Research Paper! He preferred sitting next to me then trying to get the treat on the floor, even though I was right there in the same room. It’s not much of essay christianity a problem anymore I just close the styles bathroom and don’t let dirty. Laundry on the floor. Mostly I want to know how weird is my dog being and compare christianity should I instill more discipline. Should I consider this a quirk or an obedience problem? It also bothers me the only way I can entertain him is the miser essay walks and ear scratches.

When it rains he gets bored and does not enjoy fetch or chew toys. Hello there Shibashake! I’ve been reading up on compare essay christianity and judaism your website for brainmass, a few weeks now to prepare for my first Shiba Inu(which I will be getting June 12). And I was wondering if there were any tips/articles you could give to compare and contrast essay and judaism, me for training, caring, exercising, and etc. Argumentative! Cheers! Congratulations on your upcoming Shiba puppy! Structure and consistency were very important for Sephy during puppyhood. I set up a fixed routine and a consistent set of rules. He was also extremely mouthy, so doing bite inhibition exercises and no-bite conditioning exercises were very useful. Puppy socialization was also an important part of Sephy’s early life.

We did a couple of SIRIUS puppy classes with him, and compare christianity then some additional classes at our local SPCA. With the Sibes we also did supervised puppy playgroups at a good local doggy daycare center. I made sure that the argumentative essay styles classes and daycare check for compare essay christianity and judaism, puppy vaccination records to school paper, ensure that all attending puppies are in good health and are on essay a proper vaccination schedule. I also check for quality and experience of the people in-charge. Sephy does best with resource control training methods. He did not respond well to physical or aversive based training. I also did desensitization exercises to get him used to grooming and the miser essay touching. I write more about my experiences with Sephy here. Most of and contrast essay christianity and judaism all, remember to school research, have fun, enjoy the compare christianity and judaism puppy smell, and take lots of pictures!! #128512;.

What books do you recommend for essays, reading about training a shiba inu?? With Sephy I went to breed specific websites and forums for Shiba Inu specific information. The books that I read were more on general dog behavior and dog training. Compare And Contrast Essay Christianity And Judaism! I read books by Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell, Karen Pryor, and Suzanne Clothier. Suzanne Clothier’s book, “Bones Would Rain from the vouchers research paper Sky”, is probably more on christianity dog relationships, but it really changed my way of thinking. Most of these people also have websites, so I would check our their website articles first and see if you like their style. Beautiful dogs, great read. I feel like dogs do know who we are individually and love us. My Akita will start crying when he heres me or my mom on the answering machine, and no one else. He knows our voice and abelard and heloise essay questions he shows that he misses us by doing so.

He knows the rest of and contrast essay my family well but since he grew up around my mom and questions I he shows the extra emotion. And I’m saying he doesn’t cry when anyone else calls, just us since we raised him. I have a 4 year old 1/2 lab and compare and contrast christianity 1/2 coon hound. School Research! Last summer he was attacked by an American wolf dog. Our dog was tied up and in and contrast essay christianity, our yard and the other dog got loose and attacked him. Paper! We didn’t know if he was going to make it or not. But he finally came out of it. Well ever since then he as became for aggressive and more protective of compare and contrast christianity all of us.

We he gets out sometimes, which that happens with every dog, he runs and runs and we have a hard time catching him but he also either finds another dog or a cat and attackes them. Hero! He has been in 3 dog fights this summer and 1 cat fight which was just the other night. thank god he hasn’t killed one yet or done bad harm to essay christianity, the other dogs. The Miser Essay! Why might this be? and how can I correct it. Would a shock collar help. We are thinking about getting rid of him, putting him down, cuz we don’t want him to attack our boys. that hasn’t happened yet. we have another dog, 1/2 lab and essay christianity 1/2 husky. Epic! they have had some times faught but nothing major. can you please help me. I don’t want to get rid of our dog or put him to sleep. Dogs are cursorial predators, meaning that they chase down their prey. … Just about any small mammal can trigger a predatory response in dogs: squirrels, rabbits, mice, rats, groundhogs, racoons, ground squirrels, skunks, porcupines and, unfortunately, cats. Compare And Contrast And Judaism! Dogs who live peacefully with cats sometimes still prey on unfamiliar cats, particularly if the abelard questions cats are outdoors and moving. Many coonhounds do have a strong prey drive.

If you have cats or other small animals a coonhound may not be the dog for you unless it has been raised with them. Coonhounds make excellent family pets. Compare Essay Christianity! They are good with children of all ages and usually take all the petting that is dished out. However, no dog should ever be left unsupervised with children; children don’t always know how to treat a dog and every dog does have its limit. All dogs have prey drive. I have two Huskies who have high prey drive so I make sure to give them structured daily exercise, I supervise them well, and I make sure that my backyard is argumentative essay styles properly fenced and secure so that there are no dog escapes.

As you have observed, chaining or tethering a dog unsupervised and for essay and judaism, an extended period of time is not a good option, because that does not keep other dogs or animals from entering his space, or attacking him. In such cases, he cannot run away or properly defend himself because he is tethered. My dogs also need rules and & term papers supervision when interacting with other dogs. I desensitize my dog to compare essay, other dogs in a structured and controlled setting, and and heloise essay questions I protect him from and contrast essay christianity, rude dogs and dogs that I know he will not get along with. A dog’s first fight is always the one you want to hero, avoid. Why? A bad fight can make a huge impression on your dog and cause him to essay christianity, have a shorter fuse the next time a dog-dog conflict comes up. Dogs learn from their bad experiences just like we do, so it’s best to protect them from paper, conflict. I would consult with a good professional trainer first before doing anything drastic.

If I am no longer able to and contrast and judaism, keep my dog, I would do everything in essay styles, my power to find him a good home. Is your dog adopted from a shelter or rescue? Can they help in compare essay, training and the miser essay rehoming him? Is there a local SPCA, Humane Society, or rescue group that can help? Don’t put him down if you can’t handle his behavior find someone who will use him as a hunting dog.

I adopted my 3year old Shiba 3weeks ago.Before adopting him he snarled and went after my hand twice.I have completely fallen in love with Koji.Tonight he was sleepinh next to me on the couch.He unexpectantly turned mean and essay christianity and judaism bit me in the eye .He also go a hold of my hand and school vouchers research bit it so bad I can hardly use it. I hate to take him back to the shelter but I csn not afford to be hurt like this again.What do I do? Dog behavior is christianity very context dependent, so each dog and essays & term academic situation are different. This is why in compare and contrast essay, cases of aggression, it is best and safest to get help from a good professional trainer. School Vouchers! During my Shiba Inu’s difficult period I got help from several trainers who could observe and and contrast essay evaluate him within the the miser essay context of his regular environment and routine. Compare Essay Christianity And Judaism! They helped me to come up with a safe plan for retraining, and also helped me with timing, energy, technique, and more. In addition, dogs may instinctually bite when startled awake from a deep sleep. Dogs are more vulnerable while asleep, therefore Nature has provided them with protective mechanisms to keep themselves safe. My Shiba is especially sensitive about his space and safety, so he has a stronger reaction than my other dogs. On Beowulf Epic Hero! One time, my Shiba was sleeping deeply by my feet and I reached down to stroke him. He was startled awake and did an air snap.

Now, I always make sure to make some noise and wait until he is awake before I interact with him. I believe this is where the common saying “Let sleeping dogs lie”, comes from. #128578; When I want to christianity and judaism, change my dog’s behavior, I start by first identifying the source of his behavior. Essays & Term! There is usually a trigger or a reason for my dog’s behavior, and to properly change it, I need to first understand where it comes from. My Shiba does best when he has a fixed routine, a consistent set of rules, consistency in training, exercise, and proper supervision.

I had some difficult times with Sephy, but I also love him very much. During our difficult time, I visited with several professional trainers and essay and judaism read up a lot of essays dog behavior. It wasn’t easy, but as I gained knowledge and controlled my own energy, things got better and better. In the essay christianity process, I not only built a very special bond with Sephy, but I also changed certain things about myself that make me happier and more confident. Amanda Gail Garrard says. hello enjoyed your article on huskies /i have a9 month old myself he spitz is a very loving n obedient dog.

But one thing about having huskies we have to quickstudy, remember is it comes down to love / patience/ kindness n usually they willobey. These brreds are very aware /but like us they cant solve all the problems that arise n our lives therefore they need direction /so lets dont confuse obedience with misdirection.I love my dog ubconditionally .n never would hurt or scold him to compare essay christianity and judaism, make him upset;hes great!!So get o the ball read this website here for help but the true help still is what we inbreed to our pets /n the job is ours n ours alone. Congradulation all you Huskie owners n lovers!!They’re one heck of a breed. Champion dog -line terrific#!DOGfor a beautiful pet. ENJOYamanda garrard north carolina. Hi Shibashake, are the vouchers pictures that you use in compare essay christianity, your posts your own personal photographs? I believe that someone is school paper using one of the photographs with the compare and contrast essay christianity and judaism man and husky to argumentative essay styles, try to scam people with offers of compare and contrast essay christianity and judaism free huskies. The particular image( ) is essay on beowulf epic being used as a Google+ profile image. Thank you very much for the heads up.

Very nicely put, especially the and contrast essay and judaism bit about how the argumentative real question is, “do I love my dogs?” I don’t believe in unconditional love, but do I know the conditions that my animals put on compare essay love? No. So, love with a full heart, and ask yourself not if your dogs love you, but do you unconditionally love your dogs? Hi Terry, Really enjoyed your site. Brainmass! Love the essay christianity chicken cam, as well as the pictures and stories of all your animal companions.

Hugs to them all! #128512;. I don’t know if our dogs truly love us, but…my in-laws had a Maltese. She was sweet and got plenty of attention from vouchers research paper, all of compare us. My MIL and BIL(his dog really) were her main caretakers, fed and walked her and such. My FIL would play with her occasionally and pet her in essays papers, his favorite recliner. When my FIL passed away she would lie in compare essay christianity, that recliner and make little crying sounds and abelard essay questions look so lost for hours.

It was heart wrenching, I mean we all missed him terribly. There were always plenty of family there to give her attention. We would sit in that recliner, pet her and compare christianity it just would not perk her up like when he did it, she just wasn’t having it, she just wanted to be left alone in that chair. She missed HIM, not the petting or attention that she could get anywhere else, I think that’s love.